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Getting a job is mandatory in our money-triggered world. But some people would just do anything it takes in order to stay employed. I really don’t know whether their getting and keeping odd jobs has to do with low self-esteem, or hunger, or God knows what else, but the fact is that some people really have horrible full-time jobs they wake up every morning to go to. Here are the 10 worst jobs in the world.

1. Road kill remover

The 10 Worst Jobs in the World1

They are traffic stunts and road cleaners at the same time, as the traffic can’t be stopped whenever there’s a dead mouse on the road. But just imagine the horrible moments these people are constantly going through, dustpanning all the dead moose.  But nevertheless we have them to thank for sparing us the ordeal of seeing dead creatures as we drive all over the country.

2. Bicycle brick carrier

The 10 Worst Jobs in the World2

This photo was found on a Flikr account, and it was reportedly taken in Bandung, Indonesia, where bikes are used to transport brick made from river sand in South Bandung. Their pilling it up is pure genius, I tell you.

3. Sewer diver

The 10 Worst Jobs in the World3

A man named Julio Cu Camara, who lives in Mexico City, has a very odd job: he clears blockages and repairs pipes by hand. He has notched up 1,400 dives in 30 years, each one lasting up to six hours in 7,500 miles of tunnels. He has to wear a 6.4 stone helmet and suit to protect him from the human, chemical and animal waste. Julio has reportedly found horses, pigs, guns and “cigarette butts” to car parts, furniture and fridges. His worst nightmare is to find a human down there.

4. Crime-scene cleaners

The 10 Worst Jobs in the World4

I’m absolutely sure there’s nothing entertaining about cleaning up a crime scene after a death. But there are people who are hired to do just that. Just imagine the stories one can come up with while cleaning bloody cotton swabs.

5. Armpit sniffer

The 10 Worst Jobs in the World5

Big companies such as Unilever have hired people to test their deodorants and the way they smell on the ones who wear them. So people are actually hired to smell strangers’ armpits and tell whether the product works or not. Horrible!

6. Guards at Buckingham Palace

The 10 Worst Jobs in the World6

It’s not just about standing in the same position for hours and dealing with tourists who are striving to make them laugh, but the guards at Buckingham Palace have something else to deal with before they begin standing forever. Soldiers spend several hours each day cleaning and pressing their uniforms and polishing their boots in preparation for one of the many kit inspections that they are likely to face before taking up their positions outside one of the royal palaces. If they’re not perfectly looking, they may face extra guard duty.

7. Portable toilet cleaner

The 10 Worst Jobs in the World7

Basically cleaners must suck up all the waste in a portable toilet. After picking up any stray toilet paper, they also wash down all surfaces that could possibly be soiled, including the walls. This is when a high-pressure hose comes in handy. But what about the smell? Can anyone do anything about that?

8. Animal masturbator

The 10 Worst Jobs in the World8

These people obtain animal sperm for further various noble causes. The only way to obtain the sperm is of course to masturbate the animal and catch it in a pot. Whether it’s a pig, a ram or a bull, this is a job that not many people like doing.

9. Pet food taster

The 10 Worst Jobs in the World9

This one is particularly disgusting, as it requires the actual tasting and smelling of the brown thing. The person responsible for that has to bury their face in a huge tub of pet food and sniff it to make sure it’s fresh, than plunge his/her arms in it up to the elbows and grope for bony bits and take them out, and then scoop up a huge dollop of it, smear it flat on a surface and prod it with the hand fingers to test how much gristle is there. Care for an application form?

10. Flatus odor judge

The 10 Worst Jobs in the World10

Odor judges are common in the research labs of mouthwash companies, where the halitosis-inflicted blow great gusts of breath in their faces to test product efficacy. But Minneapolis gastroenterologist Michael Levitt recently took the job to another level-or, rather, to the other end. Levitt paid two brave souls to indulge repeatedly in the odors of other people’s farts. Sixteen healthy subjects volunteered to eat pinto beans and insert small plastic collection tubes into their anuses. After each “episode of flatulence,” Levitt syringed the gas into a discrete container, rigorously maintaining fart integrity. The odor judges then sat down with at least 100 samples, opened the caps one at a time, and inhaled robustly. But this one is for a noble cause, there’s no doubt about that.

So feel grateful for your working in a cubical, at least for today.

Sewer diver