The 90’s rocked! You need proof? Then have a look at 20 90’s TV shows that have shaped us. These are not your oldies, but goldies TV shows that have been around longer than we can remember, these are shows with an attitude. Read on and tell us what you think.

20. Northern Exposure


This little known TV series was incredibly good. The writing was great, the characters were colorful and it seemed like every episode was better than the previous. I wonder if seeing it now would leave the same impression on us.

19. Ellen


Ellen was one of the first openly gay celebrities in Hollywood and when her character chose to come out of the closet, the ratings exploded. It was an emotional episode, one that would change many things in the years to come.

18. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Will Smith when he was young! Remember how fun and silly he used to be? Tatiana Ali, had a few hits as a singer a few years after the show ended, but Will became the major Hollywood star that he is today thanks to this TV series.

17. Saved by the Bell


Who can forget Screech and his silly voice? Although the show was a far cry from the real lives of teenagers in the 90’s, it was still entertaining. Tiffani Amber Thiessen went on to star in Beverly Hills 90210 and Screech picked up wrestling. Weird, right?

16. Higher Ground


This Canadian TV series is probably the most obscure series on our list, but it is also one of the best. It shows a group of troubled teenagers at a resort in the mountains, learning how to behave and be better people. It features Sully from Doctor Quinn: Medicine Woman (which isn’t on our list, but it should be) and Hayden Christiansen.

15. MacGyver


MacGyver was so popular that his name is now a verb: we need to MacGyver something with what we have. When something like that happens, it’s a sign that the show is a massive hit. The awesome Richard Dean Anderson went on to star in Stargate: Atlantis and Fairly Legal.

14. Hercules: the Legendary Journeys


Hercules was a syndicated TV series that was very entertaining and quite funny. Kevin Sorbo was brilliant as Hercules, but unfortunately he didn’t go too far after the series ended.

13. Xena: Warrior Princess


Lucy Lawless as Xena was one of the best things to hit the 90’s! She was strong, smart, beautiful and opinionated, just like a good self-respecting character. Unfortunately, just like Sorbo, she didn’t become the Hollywood star she deserved to.

12. Mad About You


Mad About You was a TV series with a simple premise: married life. But the show wasn’t simple, it was quite the opposite. Helent Hunt is one fine actress who managed to bring her unique style to the character of Jamie Buchman.

11. Everybody Loves Raymond


Everybody really does love Raymond, the silly man-child who simply can’t live without his wacky family. This show managed to make fun of all the nasty things that happen in a marriage.

10. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer


Buffy kicked vampire ass for seven seasons! Every one of them was gripping and well executed. Alyson Hannigan is now the star of one of the best comedic TV shows in history: How I Met Your Mother.

9. E.R.


Let’s be honest! How many us learned a great deal from watching this great series?! I remember being absolutely fascinated by the weird cases that came to the E.R. and besides, this show gave us George Clooney, so we’ve got that to be thankful for.

8. Felicity


We got to be right there, where all the drama happened. This scared little girl who comes to New York wasn’t so scared actually. Did you know when Felicity cut her hair the network got thousands of angry letters?! Insane, isn’t it, that a personal choice like that would affect so many people.

7. Beverly Hills 90210


Beverly Hills 90210 was one of the most popular 90’s TV shows. It showed the lives of the spoiled kids who live in Los Angeles and the trials and tribulations they go through every day. And then there was Dylan. I honestly don’t know anyone who wasn’t madly in love with him.

6. Dawson’s Creek


Those guys and girls used to week a lot, that’s pretty much all I remember from Dawson’s Creek. Oh, and also that Michelle Williams’s character was sent there because her father had caught her in bed with a man. And that Joey was hot.

5. Merlose Place


Nothing’s sacred for the people who live in the infamous Melrose Place complex. They used to hook up with each other, like it was nobody’s business. A remake was made in 2009, but it only lasted for one season, as opposed to seven seasons.

4. The X Files


The Truth is Out There is something we will never forget. Mulder and Scully were the perfect couple in so many ways. We were creeped out by the show, fascinated and even perplexed at times, but never bored.

3. Sex and the City


Sex and the City revolutionized television. Things were being said and shown on TV that had never been shown and said ever before. We learned so much from these four girls and were very disappointed at how horrible the two movies were. Now there’s talk for a third. Why?

2. Friends


Friends is the show whose cast members were the first one to cash in 1 million dollars per episode. They stuck together and got what they wanted. The show was so well written, that you could actually feel like these characters were your friends.

1. Seinfeld


It’s official, Seinfeld is the best sitcom ever! Many people were disappointed at the ending, but I think it was very fitting. What did you think?

What was your favorite 90’s TV show? Is it on our list? If not, would you mind sharing? Drop us a line in the comment section below.