So you’re sitting in the bleachers waiting to cheer for your home team. A few minutes before the game starts, the energy of the spectators is pumped up with the entrance of the cheerleaders. Then enters the mascot… And the whole place becomes as silent as a tomb. The mascot is just too ridiculous for words. Who would want to cheer for the team now when the mascot is as ridiculous as the following:

1. University of California-Santa Cruz Banana Slug

His name is Sammy. Thankfully, Sammy is not as slimy as a real banana slug.

2. London 2012 Olympics

These one-eyed weirdos are Wenlock and Mandeville. They look like friends of the Teletubbies.

3. 7-Eleven Baseball Mascot

How this can boost morale is beyond me.

4. Western Kentucky University Big Red

Poor big red was fired from his McDonald’s gig when Grimace came along.

5. Goleo and Pille

They were the mascots for the 2006 World Cup. This would’ve been fine if the lion was not holding a rose. What is up with that?

6. The Spheriks

Because, yes, football is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

7. Evergreen State’s Geoduck

Yes, a geoduck exists. No, it does not make a good mascot.

8. Delta State University’s Fighting Okra

Okay, an okra is a vegetable I avoid but this mascot is not scary enough to cripple the other team.

9. Wichita State University Wushock

The expression is sports-worthy enough. But wait ’till you realize that he is a bundle of wheat.

10. Rhose Island School of Design Scrotie

Scrotie was not an official mascot but he was appropriately loved. Go Nads!

11. North Carolina School of the Arts Fighting Pickles

This would’ve been fine without the white spots. They just look disgusting.

12. Xavier University’s Blue Blob

Guess what he is. Yep, a non-threatening blue blob. How imaginative.

13. Oklahoma Sooners

Nope, the horses aren’t the mascots. You’re looking for the wagon. That’s right, that wagon is the perfect weapon to terrify the other team.

14. Campbell University Gaylord the Camel

Without the unfortunate name, this mascot can actually work.

15. The Southern Illinois Saluki

They might be on to something…If I were from the opposing team, I’d be scared of this creature.

16. Scottsdale Community College Artie the Artichoke

First of all, Artie is too cute a name. Secondly, a mascot that you can eat is just lame.

17. University of Louisiana at Lafayette Cayenne

“What’s your mascot?” And you answer in a small voice, “A pepper.”

18. Nebraska Cornhusker Lil Red

Again, too cute to intimidate the opponent. This lil guy needs an angry face.

19. University of Arkansas at Monticello The Boll Weevil

The Boll Weevil eats crops. Perhaps they were hoping that the mascot can destroy the enemy?

20. The Oregon Duck

This was designed by Nike and looked like it came from another planet. Thankfully, he was put into immediate retirement.

21. Dartmouth Keggy The Keg

Again, this is an unofficial mascot. If I were a student at Dartmouth, I’d cheer for this over a furry mascot, too.

22. Ohio State Buckeyes

This is Brutus. Why he would be a mascot when he is a tree is beyond me.

23. Tufts Jumbo

This one belongs in Disneyland, obviously.

24. Philadelphia Phillies Phillie Phanatic

We dare you explain what this “thing” is supposed to be. This deserves a resounding “What on Earth is that?”

25. Standford Tree

They should’ve just went head with an actual Christmas tree. It would’ve been more festive that way. Seriously, this is the saddest mascot in the history of sad mascots.