6 Reasons For You To Watch BoJack Horseman

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Netflix hit the jackpot with its previous releases “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black” and they don’t intend to stop there. They kept releasing new TV shows, ranging from sci fi dramas (“Sense8″) to witty comedies (“Grace and Frankie”). Among their latest released series there is also a funny animated show, starring a talking horse. Yes, you read that well. Netflix came out with a show that revolves around a talking horse and his equally queer friends. Not only do we think the show is hilarious and worth watching, but we have 6 reasons for you to watch BoJack Horseman as soon as you get home. Giddy up, BoJack Horseman!

1. A whole new level of humor

Reasons For You To Watch BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman delivers high quality jokes. And by that we mean you won’t get to see the typical burping jokes you get in most Hollywood movies. If that’s your type of comedy, then you might want to skip BoJack Horseman altogether. What will you get instead? Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg is responsible for the smart humor on the show. He is so smooth about inserting jokes here and there, that you never notice a discrepancy between the story line and the humor. That means no strained jokes, no unnecessary funny remarks and no sacrificing the plot. Way to go, Netflix!

2. You will get the “sads”

Reasons For You To Watch BoJack Horseman

You wouldn’t expect a show which stars a talking horse to get real deep and emotional, would you? Netflix will surprise you yet again. BoJack Horseman can get quite depressing here and there, so you might want to keep the episodes for some of your cheery, sunny days. Besides the talking horse, we also get to witness the sadness of the lives of his agent, Princess Carolyn, and his roommate, Todd Chavez. While it’s far from being optimistic, Netflix’s latest comedy animation will deliver some sincerity moments that will give you some food for thought.

3. No skipping episodes

Reasons For You To Watch BoJack Horseman

There are no excuses for skipping any TV show’s episodes or for heading straight to the last one.  BoJack Horseman was created to be watched from start, to middle to finish. Each season of the TV series is under 6 hours. The first one revolves around BoJack and his ghostwriter who team up to tell the horse’s story. In the second season you can find out what happens after BoJack’s book is released. This ambitious animated series embarks on the difficult task of maintaining a logical continuity and at the same time keeping the hilarity of the characters intact.

4. The most relate-able characters on TV at the moment

Reasons For You To Watch BoJack Horseman

I bet you didn’t see this coming, but it’s very easy to relate to BoJack once you forget or get over the fact that he is an anthropomorphic horse. So what do the viewers seem to like in BoJack? He is extremely selfish and seems very content to keep living in his cocoon, showing no initiative to get out of his comfort zone and explore. As sadly as this is going to sound, this resonated with many Netflix users. But not only JoBack is a sight for sore eyes. Princess Carolyn is not completely satisfied with her personal life, which must have received many cheers from viewers, while Diane relentlessly pursues the truth, vacillating between pragmatism and indignation.

5. Subtle satire on the fame culture

Reasons For You To Watch BoJack Horseman

What’s a comedy show without a touch of satire and parody? The producers of this TV show didn’t shy away from satirizing celebrities and cliches. Sarah Lynn is the perfect symbol for mirroring real problems that are developing in the industry. She has given in to drugs, while BoJack’s other acquaintance, Herb Kazzaz is shunned away for being gay. Do these ring a bell? You could say the TV series is spot on and hitting the nail on the head. Everything is presented with a touch of humorous detachment, but beneath the funny surface, it addresses more important, extremely actual issues.

6. Hit the repeat button and take a seat

Reasons For You To Watch BoJack Horseman

If you’ve been convinced to watch BoJack Horseman you should know and be prepared for one more thing. The background jokes. A great many of them. There are actually so many of them that you should start watching the show embracing the idea that you’re going to miss half of them. What should you keep your eyes peeled for? Well, there are the funny signs in the background, the various references and the intricate, complicated plot. This is why a review is strongly recommended.

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