About Us

Back in the Day

Back in 2009, lists were hardly even a thing on the Internet. At the time, the world wide web seemed more concerned with the fate of funny cats with captions that with organizing information. Paul, on the other hand, knew that in an ocean of entertainment, a bit of informational and educational value wouldn’t hurt. On the contrary. Add to that, his two major knacks:  one for trivia, which he preferred to have displayed in an orderly fashion, and another for bringing like-minded people together.

A Brand New Day

Cut to three years later – the 10 Awesome site, dedicated to bringing readers fun, cool, weird, geeky, or otherwise interesting info has grown beyond Paul’s wildest dreams. The site now boasts 7,700 fans on social media platforms, as well as a monthly readership of some 100,000. By this point, a website redesign was in order, especially since four prolific young authors had also joined the team in the meantime. Yes, lists are much more of a mainstream thing right now and 10 Awesome was a part of building the trend. So if you feel like you need a daily fix of well-organized, visually supported trivia, geekery, oddities, and other totally awesome stuff, make sure you drop by tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that… We’ll be right here to provide.

Managing Company

With our site continuing to grow we had the opportunity to allow Today’s Growth Consultant to start managing our website fully.  They manage everything from marketing and design all the way to the content.  Not only does the TGC team work hard to bring their best but the company is incredibly generous.  Click here for more about the company’s philanthropic effort.   We would encourage you to check out one of our websites and read about the Today’s Growth Consultant reviews.