shark snail

Snail painting is a recent form of artistic expression and at the same time, a creative way of helping snails avoid being crushed on by people who don’t see them. Painting a snail can be fun and very relaxing. The results are amazing. Imagine seeing 10 colorful painted snails slugging around on the streets. Their beautiful shells look beautiful on their own, painting them would look even more awesome. The painted snails idea came from a bunch of good people who wanted to help the snails become more visible so that they won’t get crushed by people’s boots.


10. Graffiti Snail

grafitti snail
This beautiful painted snail is “right from da’ hood”. The artist painted a beautiful urban graffiti on the snail’s shell and now it’s ready to enter a hip-hop rhyme battle. The colors used to paint this snail are bright and the pattern is very complex, as you can see. If you ever think of painting a snail always make sure that you’re using non-toxic paint. Otherwise the snail will be harmed, even killed.


9. Zebra Snail

zebra snail
Imagine a zebra snail crawling on a crosswalk. Do you think it would be camouflaged? This black and white painted snail shell will attract attention and it will make the snail visible against people’s boots and shoes. Some argue that painting a snail means disrupting nature’s way and mess with the snail’s natural camouflage.

8. The Monster Snail

monster snail
When this “fierce” painted snail moves down the street, everyone will run cover. This snail’s painted shell is so frightening that it even scares the snail itself. Look out for this snail, it’s a mean one, I tell you. With this shell no boot will ever step on the snail again. Nor a predator bird will ever try to pick on it. This painted is saved for now.

7. The Psychedelic Snail
psychedelic snail
It’s a good thing snails move so slowly, otherwise this psychedelic painted snail would make us hallucinate because of the vibrant colors on his shell. Purple and yellow really help to be noticed and avoid being crushed by a jogger when you least expect it. Again, make sure you use not-toxic paint if you want to try this on your garden snails, ok?

6. The Hockey Fan Snail

hockey snail
This snail probably loves to watch hockey games because someone thought it would be a great idea to paint his favorite hockey team’s colors and badge. The blue and yellow really bring out the snail’s eyes. Get it? Have you ever wondered how would a snail move along on ice? Would it slide or would it remain in the same spot?


5. The Rainbow Snail

rainbow snail
This snail is a die-hard supporter of the LGBT rights so he decided to express it by painting his shell in rainbow colors. We love this snail’s cool new look and we love it that he’s an open minded snail. Imagine this snail “chilling” in the grass after the rain and a beautiful, magical rainbow appears. The snail would be like” That looks like me”.


4. Pikachu Snail

pikachu snail
Someone thought to take painted snail to another level and paint a different character on the snail’s shell. This one’s the famous cartoon character loved by all the kids: Pikachu. The Pikachu snail is ready to go fight the bad guys…hopefully his new super power will be speed, otherwise we can’t really imagine how he would fight the evil villains.


3. The Adidas Snail

adidas snail
The previous painted snails are not as cool as this one. This is a fashion snail and has to show it by branding its shell with the famous shoe logo Adidas. It’s a bit of an ironic situation, if you think about it. A snail has the logo of a famous shoe company painted on its shell to avoid being crushed by famous shoes. A pretty smart move from the snail’s part.


2. McDonald’s Snail

mcdonalds snail
This one is the corporate snail. Or is it a big fan of fast food? Again, an ironic situation. One of the slowest creatures on the planet has a logo of a famous fast-food franchise. We wonder if the snail thought that it would help it move faster. Either way, the red and yellow look good on this snail.

1. Shark Snail

shark snail
Beware, the shark snail! This is one of the scariest painted snails on the internet. Those teeth will sure scare any boots, shoes and sandals away. It would probably scare the snail itself. If you want to paint any snail shell, make sure you use non toxic paint, ok?