woman Breathing fresh air

Migraines are awful. Many people have chronic headaches that last a lifetime. They know they have tried everything in terms of treatment or medication to get rid of this condition, but nothing seems to work. In addition to medications, there is another direction that gives good results in many people, healing using the body’s own vital energies. Here are ten awesome remedies for headaches.

1. Carefully observe your body

From the perspective of our energy circulating in the body, a headache does not start from the head. It is the result of a contraction of energy that originates in the abdominal area. In traditional Chinese medicine you’ve probably heard the expression stagnant liver energy – or chi, the Chinese word for energy -giving of life. Next time you have a headache, wait a moment and notice how your whole body feels. Can you inhale deeply? Or so you feel a constriction in the neck and chest? To relax your body, you need to breathe deeply and fully. So, begin to breathe from your abdomen and not the lungs. Do not force the breath. Just let it come from somewhere deep in your stomach area.

2. Take a walk

When you have a headache, excess energy is collected all in your head and you need to balance the flow throughout the body. If you’re able to get out of bed, go for a walk. That will lead you energy to the legs and feet.

3. Drink plenty of water to get energized

Drink water, lots of water, much more than you think you need. You can get easily dehydrated without realizing it and this often leads to terrible migraines. Even if you’re not thirsty, if you drink plenty of water, the body will get energy from it and you will benefit from a natural state of positive energy that is healing and beneficial. As you drink, your body begins to relax.

4. Keep your head down and feet up

Stand on your head and use your shoulders as support or your palms. That may sound like a contradiction to the advice or going for a walk. How to put even more energy into your head? Incredible as it sounds, this trick woks. This fixed position will start re-balancing your energy flow. If you really can stay only in your head, it will have an immediate healing effect for your headache.

5. Gentle healing meditation

Lie down in a quiet place with your back straight, feet slightly apart and your arms hanging relaxed. You just have to concentrate on breathing. After a while, repeating these words as you inhale: “I am myself clean and authentic” and “I am completely relaxed” as you exhale. Practice this as much as possible, a minimum of 10 minutes up to one hour.

6. Smell lavender or mint

Get your essential lavender and / or peppermint oils from a specialty store and put a few drops on your temples, neck or in the nostrils. You can add a few drops of essential oil to a hot bath water, light a candle, close the door, put yourself in the tub, let the hot water steam and relax you. Other flavors that are recommended for headaches are rosemary, eucalyptus and sandalwood. Migraines are usually accompanied by anxiety, depression and sadness so these flavors can improve mood.

7. Be metaphysical

Headaches form a muscle contraction in the head. When you have a migraine, it usually means you have a jam in the sixth chakra, also known as the third eye. In metaphysics it means fear, fear of not wanting to see something or someone. Ask yourself this question: “Are there certain situations or people in my personal or professional life that bother me?”. Maybe it’s something you’re afraid to \ to accept as part of your reality. Migraines are here to guide and help us. You can identify a psychological or emotional blockage and then the migraine disappears miraculously. Often, once you acknowledge who and what bothers you, you can abandon the pain.

8. Take care of your basic needs

Maintaining balance in your body can be the best way to prevent a migraine. Make sure you get enough sleep. Stress is another blockage of energy. Change the air, the landscape for a weekend at least. Eat regular meals that include proteins, they are food for the brain. Equally, follow exactly which foods give you a headache. For example, some people find that their body simply refuses alcohol and after one drink, they get a terrible headache.

9. Breathe fresh air

Chemical odors can trigger or accelerate a headache. Come in contact with fresh air as often as possible and you will recognize that air is beneficial.

10. First you!

If you have a headache or feel like one is about to erupt, begin to take care of yourself right away. Do not let time pass and the pain get worse. Whatever you are doing, you need to be the priority of the moment.

What other tricks do you use to get rid of migraines?