tea party hats for girls

Tea parties are such fun occasions for meeting the people you like, drink tea, have nice conversations and get to wear awesome tea party hats. Oh, and don’t forget the sweets…cupcakes and gateaux…yummy. But we’ll talk about cupcakes in another article. The theme for today’s article is tea party hats. A fancy tea party hat is great for women, girls and of course, boys and men. You can make them yourself or you can buy them from a wholesale and you can decorate your tea party hats any way you like.

10. Victorian Tea Party Hats

victorian hat

One of the most searched for tea party hats for women is the Victorian tea party hat. It’s made with such exquisite craft that it looks more like a work of art than a head piece, don’t you agree? How will it look on you, you ask? The only way to find out is to try it on. There are so many ideas to choose from that you can’t go wrong.

9. Tea Party Hats for Girls

tea party hats for girls

A girl would look so cute in a tea party hat. Actually all the kids look good in hats. They look cute and adorable. You can make them the hats by sewing all kinds of colorful ribbons, flowers or find inspiration from their favorite cartoon and make one exactly like their favorite cartoon character wears.

8 Floral Tea Party Hats

flower hats

One of the best tea party hats for women are the hats wore at a bridal shower. There are plenty of models to choose from, like the big hats or the floral party hats that look amazing if done properly. The tea party hats and gloves are mandatory accessories at any tea party.

7. Tea Party Hats for Kids

had hatter hat kids

Some of the most popular hats for kids are the mad hatter tea party hats. You can get them from the hat store or you can make one yourself using those do-it-yourself kits. This way your tea party hats for kids will stand out from the crow and will be totally original. Your kids will be the stars of any get together, costume party or birthday party.

6. Vintage Tea Party Hats

vintage hat

The vintage inspired tea party hats are for everybody: ladies, gents, adults and kids. The hats can be sleek and sophisticated and or simple and classy. It’s your choice, depending on the theme of the tea party. If it’s an English tea party you would probably need to have a more conservative hat. If it’s someone’s birthday tea party, then go wild.

5. Wide Brim Tea Party Hat

wide brim hat

One of the best tea party hats to wear at a garden tea party is the wide brim hat. It is both beautiful and practical because it can protect from the sun and the insects. They are also easy to find and come at a cheap price, depending on its design and fabrics.

4. Feather Tea Party Hat

feather hats

One of the most popular tea party hats for women are the feather hats. They look amazing and they can be arranged in so many ways. There are so many styles of feather hats that you can never go wrong. Women as well as girls can wear them and look sublime. A tea party with feather hats will look fancy and stylish.

3. Lace Tea Party Hats

lace hats

The lace tea party hats are delicate and always in fashion. Any head looks great in one of these and there are thousands of models and many colors to choose from. The lace party hats are perfect for warm weather and outside tea parties.

2. Fedora Hats for Women

fedora hats for women

This ageless hats are perfect for the colder season but if the it’s a straw fedora hat you can wear it in the summer too. The fedora hats can be worn by both men and women and there are fedora hats for kids, too. So everyone will be delighted.

1. Headband Hats

head band hats

This is one of those easy to make and super fun to wear tea party hats. The headbands are very trendy at the moment and can be worn in so many ways. You can combine many styles of hats into one: use lace, fedora or feathers and make yourself a beautiful tea party hat. All the other guests will envy you.
We hope you enjoyed our article about some of the most awesome tea party hats. We hope we inspired you and you’ll know what to wear when you’ll receive the next invitation for a garden tea party.