15 Best Sites for Online Free Books


Since we started a new year, then we must have new books to read, right? And since after the holiday, we have a low budget, given the fact that we all probably spent a lot of money on gift and vacations, the perfect solution is to get our hands on free books.

So, here are 15 websites from which you can either read online or download. Both for free, of course.

1. Digital Public Library of America

A website with over five million books, articles, studies, all from libraries, archives and museums. You can find here a lot of wonders, and if you are in college, it can be a very useful source for research.

2. Classic Literature Library

On the first page you are given clues to the main authors that you can find here, and on the right you have a menu with writers by nationality (French classical literature, classical Irish literature etc.). Of course, you also have a dedicated search box.

3. Bookyards, library to the world

18,000 books, 33,000 of links where you can find e-books, access to an online bookstores (over 800,000 books online). A true paradise.

4. The Literature Network

This site boasts 3,600 books, 4,400 poems and short prose and 267 authors. It is simple to use, you can find literary theory as well (though most books are fiction) and you can interact with other readers.

5. Daily Lit

If you create an account (for free), they send you via e-mail one excerpt from the book that you have chosen. If you have time for another reading, you can ask another piece on the same day, and they deliver it immediately. It only has books in the public domain (those that have no copyright). If you do not want to use these options, you can read books that interest you online.

6. Read easily. Ebooks online library

Although it doesn’t have very many resources (hundreds of books), it is a great tool based on the idea how to read more easily online. To achieve that, you are provided with different colors, shapes, sizes of text, so you can choose the one that suits you.

7. Great Books and Classics

Literature until the 1900s. Classical authors, famous volume, easy to use.

8. Get free books

All the books you need. Well, not all, but this website satisfies our need of new books (most from America).

The Online Books Page

9. The Online Books Page

This is actually a kind of online index card (some downloadable). 1 million books from around the world are waiting for you to discover them.

10. Europeana

This is a portal where you can not only find books, but also photos, music, videos , made available by libraries, museums, archives, galleries throughout Europe. We’re talking about 30 million items.

Books Should Be Free

11. Books Should Be Free

A small website with a simple design and over 3,000 books in electronic format (for iPhone, Android, Kindle and MP3 players) and audiobooks. You can choose both the language in which you want to read (obviously, most books are in English) and the category (children’s books, comics, fairy tales, fantasy, science fiction, short stories etc.).

12. Publish Planet

It really does not compare to the Digital Public Library of America, but the good news is that you can download books in PDF format.

13. Free Books Spot

This one has a lot of different categories, from agriculture to Buddhism, encyclopedias, poetry, philosophy etc., books in various formats – mostly pdf and epub, rtf, lit, txt, html etc.

14. Free Ebooks

This requires you to create an account. For one free account, you have 5 books downloaded per month, only in pdf and txt. Pretty decent.

15. Ebook lobby

A small site (for example, they only have 15 books in the category of literature and fiction and 19 e -books in the children’s department), but it is chic and draws its resources from older sites.