Billionaires in Movies

The release of The Wolf on Wall Street seems like the perfect moment to go over some of the most famous billionaires in movies.

1. Bruce Wayne

The heir of one of the wealthiest families in Gotham, Bruce Wayne finances his luxurious lifestyle and adventurous ways through Wayne Enterprises, the company he inherited where he is the majority shareholder, acting in areas such as new technology, shipping, biomechanics or secret military technology. The amazing cars and devices used by Batman would not be possible without the substantial amounts of money provided by his company worth over 60 billion dollars, a vital source of his “supernatural powers”.

2. Tony Stark

Tony Stark is the owner of a luxurious residence in Malibu, a garage filled with ultra – expensive cars and some battle suits that exceed the cost of the machines. Heir of the rich industrialist Howard Stark, head of Stark Industries (weapons and military technology company), Tony assembles his first electronic circuit at the age of four, ending with his exceptional results at Massachusetts Institute of Technology at just 17. When not preoccupied with courting women, he uses his genius to create totally new weapons of unprecedented power and efficiency.

3. Richie Rich

Here’s another famous heir of the rich businessman Richard Rich. He is the richest kid in the world and as a result, his life is not at all boring: he take baseball lessons from the New York Yankees coach, he has a super fun park his backyard, his own McDonalds and Claudia Schiffer as personal trainer.

4. Adrian Veidt (Watchmen)

Being a billionaire is good, but to have the genius and power to have a multibillion business any time during your existence is even better. Adrian Veidt is the quintessential idea of “super – man”, he has unique and invaluable skill: intelligence. He inherited a fabulous fortune from his parents, but he preferred to donate it and become a masked hero.

Willie Wonka

5. Willie Wonka

The eccentric owner of the most amazing chocolate factory in fiction, Willy Wonka is a powerful businessman who manages to come up with original ideas that bring a lot of money (edible wallpaper, multifunctional elevator). Judging by the size of the factory and amazing glass elevator, it doesn’t seem excessive the amount at which his fortune was estimated: 50 billion dollars.

6. John Hammond (Jurassic Park)

He turned the whole island into an amusement park populated by dinosaurs. Working in the field of genetic engineering, John Hammond could not resist the idea of recreating, using a part of his billions, the terrible prehistoric creatures and their environment life. What followed, we all know.

7. Charles Bishop Weyland (Alien vs. Predator) and his successor, Peter Weyland (Prometheus)

The international conglomerate founded by Charles Bishop is one of the world’s top financial forces. All his activity is focused on innovative technologies and robotics and he is always looking for ways to make the exploration of the universe more accessible. Bishop, the “pioneer of modern robotics”, as he is called in Scientific American, has as successor the ambitious Peter Weyland, from Ridley Scott’s new sci-fi production, Prometheus. The tens of billions made by Charles were certainly multiplied by Peter. How else could he finance an expedition to the ends of the universe and beyond in search of the Architects?

8. Lex Luthor and Dr. Evil

Both villains accumulated wealth that is between 30 and 50 billion dollars, the amount resulting from investing in several areas (technology, energy, media, real estate, industry, food and entertainment). They’re unstoppable (financial failures, jail or – in the case of Dr. Evil, cryogenics, do not make them give up). While one is obsessed with kryptonite, the other has a weakness for lasers.

9. Smaug

It’s hard to say how much is worth in the real world a mountain of gold and precious stones that belong to Smaug, gathered through from Erebor, but we can be sure that, on Earth, he would be a super – rich reptilian.

10. Scrooge McDuck

Another unique figure of immeasurable wealth, made by toil and genius, through travel around the world and different investments. His fortune is as difficult to predict as the grains of sand on a beach. Especially when expressed by “one multiplujillion, nine obsquatumatillion, six hundred twenty-three dollars and sixty-two cents”.