book inspiration

We all find inspiration from books and certain ones stick to our memory and become part of our existence, as we live the life of the characters and imagine what we would have done in a similar situations. Because today we feel like honoring books, here are ten book-inspired accessories, foods, jewelry and more.

1. Newspaper art

When we found this awesome tutorial, we thought how awesome it would be to have your favorite words written on your nails. It’s very easy to do, it doesn’t require some complicated skills and even the most inexperienced women in nail art can perform this amazing pattern. Here is an easy tutorial.

2. I like big books and I cannot lie

If you want the entire world to know what your favorite book is, now you can, with the help of a simple canvas bag. But a simple canvas bag or make your own (very easy). Now you have two options: either take the bag to a printing studio and transfer your favorite pattern on it or go crazy and buy some fabric paint and paint your own book-inspired statement. Practical and fashionable.

3. Book-inspired jewelry

Even though winter has arrived and the cold forces us to wear warm clothes, that does not mean we have to stop being fancy. Perhaps a suitable piece for this period is the brooch, since it can be worn on the collar of a coat, that of a knitted sweater, a cashmere scarf or a fancy headpiece. And since we are talking about book-inspired accessories, the person who makes an interesting proposal in this area is Sarah Pounder.

Her passion for vintage stuff makes its presence felt in her works, because for making the brooches, she uses old damaged books and maps. Because she values recycling and durability, Sarah uses as support wood waste and cardboard from local merchants. On these cut pieces she applies various portions of text from known and appreciated literature books. Then, she covers them with several layers of protective lacquer and a glossy finish and her unique brooches are ready to be worn.

4. The customized mug

No need to buy expensive mugs in order to have something unique. Use porcelain paint to write on a simple white mug your favorite quotes from books or other inspirational words stated by famous scholars.

5. The BookBook

It looks like a unique, old book, but it is actually an iPad case. “BookBook for iPad is a handmade, one-of-a-kind, hardback leather case for iPad (3rd/4th generation) and iPad 2. This multi-functional case features an interior support frame that creates a variable-angle display stand and a built-in typing stand. Along with its vintage look, this case makes iPad feel as if you’re holding a real book, and in many ways you are. BookBook for iPad provides two forms of protection. First, the hardback cover and rigid spine provide impact protection for your prized iPad. Second, the unique vintage book design of this case disguises iPad, helping protect it from theft”. The same product is available for Apple tablets, notebooks and smartphones.

6. Book-inspired handbags

Ms Le Tan always manages to amaze her fans with her awesome collection of limited purses. You have probably seen something like this before, but know that this is the original book clutch.

7. Book-inspired cakes

Yes, literature can be delicious and if you have a birthday coming soon, what better way to surprise the birthday boy or girl than with a delicious cake inspired by his favorite book. It does take some skill, so when it comes to baking, we recommend you stick with the professionals. Here’s a tutorial on how to create a Wizard of Oz cake.

8. Book-inspired cupcakes

And since we are already in the sweets departments, here are some book-inspired cupcakes. There are a lot of details in these delicious mini treats and if you manage to make one on your own, please tell us how you did it.

9. Book-inspired tattoo

Let’s put some ink into it. If you are planning to get a tattoo, forget about dolphins and cartoon characters. Books are forever and what better way to celebrate your favorite book than with an inspirational quote tattooed on your body. Hurts? Yes, but it’s worth it.

10. Book-inspired furniture

So, you can make a great book-inspired reading table by following the tutorial here. Doesn’t sound too complicated, so make sure you tell us if you have managed to create this.

What is your favorite book and how has it inspired you?