Thursday, September 28, 2023

10 Awesome Salvador Dali Prints

Salvador Domènec Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marquis de Púbol, also known as Salvador Dali, was a highly-regarded Spanish surrealist painter.

10 Awesome Cheap Clothing Websites

Following a previous article about ten awesome clothing websites we come with yet another interesting list of cheap clothing websites that won't dig a hole into your pocket.

10 Small Espresso Machines

The vitalizing effect of coffee was likely discovered first in Northeast Ethiopia; the cultivation process began in Southern Arabia.

10 Awesome Action Anime

When we say awesome action anime, we mean ACTION! That is “ACTION!!!” with exclamation marks! Well okay, we just said this to emphasize and...

10 Things We Should Know About Facebook

There are few people left on this planet who don't know what Facebook is, or don't use it. Ignited by a young, optimistic man named Mark Zuckerberg, who believed that people in all the world will join hands, thus becoming a big funny family, this spark rapidly turned into a world-wide phenomenon, with dozen of uses and implications.

10 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

When it comes to Halloween costumes, going with the yesterday’s flow, such as Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry or the Flintstones isn’t always the best...

10 Strange Upside Down Buildings

Humans our rooted to the ground. For obvious reasons, our houses and other structures follow our upright orientation as well. But then you have the following upside down structures proving that perhaps humans have become too bored of the usual houses and buildings.
Scientific data is lost every single day.

10 Awesome Things We Lost Forever

While we do have lots of information on our history, we humans also tend to be quite careless with our possessions. How else could...

10 Awesome E-Readers For Sale

Reading is important at any age as it opens doors in our minds and teaches us about the world, and now, with the technology evolving at such a rapid rate, reading is literally at our fingertips.

10 Young Adult Fiction Books

Reading is good for you. Everybody knows that. But somehow some find it hard to stick to this routine. Reading is like working out:...