Thursday, September 28, 2023

10 Awesome Video Freebies to Cut Out Commercials

To find a good and at the same time free video editor is not an easy matter. So let's figure out what is what and test today's popular video editing software on their capability to remove commercials from various video formats.

10 Awesome Facts About Nintendo

Nintendo is best known as a family-friendly video game console manufacturer but the company has seen a lot of changes in its 126 year...

10 Amazingly Beautiful Waterscapes from Tutorial 9

Tutorial 9 is a website which offers tutorials for graphic design, as well as website development and photography. The most important is that they offer all their lessons for free. The series of pictures featured bellow is part of their selection of waterscape photography, which was meant to highlight the infinite possibilities and the amazing sources of inspiration that nature provides for us. These waterscapes are all taken in points where land encounters the sea and they are all intended to teach want-to-be photographers or graphic designers how to obtain the same effects.

10 Awesome Facebook Fails

Thank God so much of our time spent online is incognito. Imagine if through a comment posted, people could see the most important details...

10 Awesome Ancient Wonders

All over the world, there are a few ancient wonders of the past civilizations, just like the ones we have already know for a...

10 Novel Ways to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking might seem like too daunting a task to even attempt, especially for those who have been holding on to this destructive habit for many a year.

10 Awesome Wallpapers #1

We have here ten awesome wallpapers for your computers, as we really believe having a nice wallpaper on the desktop can inspire you and transform your day in a better one! Every example is spectacular, and the only thing you have to do is hitting the download link or clicking on each image. Enjoy.
historic homes for sale texas

10 Beautiful Historic Homes for Sale

Everyone dreams of having a house of their own. Whether it’s a cheap little eco house or a big Victorian mansion, a house is...
why do you lose data

The Top Ten Causes of Data Loss

The ubiquitous nature of modern data storage has led to a world where virtually everyone stores their information on digital devices. This heavy reliance...

10 Awesome Teacher Presents

Do you truly feels grateful toward a particular educator, and would like to thank them with a unique present? We’ve got ten awesome teacher gifts just for you, featured below, for your convenience.