Friday, December 2, 2022

Awesome Works of Art Made From Paper

You can admire today some amazing works of art made by truly talented artists from all around the world. They all use paper as prime material and the results are mind blowing. Enjoy!

10 Cool Shoes to Die For!

Irrespective of whether you shop for boots, sandals, pumps, flats and heels online or offline, if you’re a self-respecting fashionista, you’re probably dying to know what’s in and what are the best cool shoes out there.

10 Utterly Amazing Volcanoes in Space

The universe is such a fascinating place and each time we look at it we find more and more reasons to be amazed by...

10 Interesting and Funny Facts About Mother’s Day

The International date for Mother's Day wasn't always celebrated on 8 march, and it isn't such an old holiday. There are however other dates...

10 Negative Space Illustrations

Check out these awesome illustrations made by Noma Bar from DU Illustrators.

10 Awesome Christmas DVD Movies to See

Since you are free for Christmas, maybe you want to watch a movie with your family. There are lots of Christmas DVD movies that really are worth watching. So we at tried to make a list of best movies to see for Christmas you can check forwards. As nothing is more beautiful than spending some time together with your family during holidays, maybe you will watch these.

10 Awesome Flowers with Meaning to Offer as a Gift

The meaning of flowers was once important for all people, regardless of their age. Today, things have changed. Living in a world surrounded by technology, which day by day makes more part of our lives, we find ourselves depending on phones, computers, to convey our messages to others via internet and by doing so little by little we lose a part of who we really are.
Self Destructing Celebrities and Macaulay Culkin

10 Self Destructing Celebrities

There is something incredibly sad and touching about seeing celebrities who have it all but then turn around and throw it all away. Sorry,...

10 Common Dreams and Their Interpretations

Dreams are a mystery to people – even though people have been dreaming since the beginning of time, there still isn’t a general consensus...

10 Amazing Illustrations

Digital art is becoming more and more popular, as the first digital artists grow to become fully mature, from the point of view of their illustrations and other works. The digital art is characterized by its richness in details as well as by the vivid images that sometimes defy the limits of reality and cross its borders.