Saturday, June 3, 2023

Top 10 Best Industries to Work In

Have you ever wondered what the best industries are for young graduates to work in? We have and after some research we have come...

10 Tips for Relaxing at Home

After a hard day at work the best thing you can do is come home and relax – maybe some Dead Sea salts in...

10 Famous Cats (In Real Life)

    A popular joke posits that “The Internet is a lot like ancient Egypt: people write on walls and worship cats”. While it is quite...

10 Beautiful Pictures of Buildings by Alcove

Today, we are featuring a series of incredibly beautiful images of buildings. These works were realized by a group of Polish photographers.They use the nickname “Alcove” to sign their works and they create somewhat dark, yet superb images.

10 Awesome Living Room Designs

Each photo is representative for a certain series , showcasing a young designer, or a popular living room style. Enjoy while choosing your own favorites!

10 Awesome Facebook Fails

Thank God so much of our time spent online is incognito. Imagine if through a comment posted, people could see the most important details...

10 Awesome Flowers with Meaning to Offer as a Gift

The meaning of flowers was once important for all people, regardless of their age. Today, things have changed. Living in a world surrounded by technology, which day by day makes more part of our lives, we find ourselves depending on phones, computers, to convey our messages to others via internet and by doing so little by little we lose a part of who we really are.
NES Styled Items

10 Awesome NES Styled Items That You Can Buy

The Nintendo Entertainment System was the first console made by Nintendo. Games like The Legend of Zelda, Duck Hunt and Mario Bros kept us...

Awesome Inspiration #4: Illustration

In our awesome inspiration galleries we present our latest findings from the smashing universe of designers. Today we have great examples of high quality illustrations from artists all over the world. Denis Zilber, Paolo Domeniconi and Ryan Mauskopf are some truly talented males and we recommend to visit their work. Of course, you can discover other great illustrations, so go ahead and admire them all. Be inspired.

10 awesome kaleidoscope graphics

Highly inspiring, these kaleidoscope eye-candies are ready to blow your imagination. Complex and packed with dozens geometric shapes, these graphics can be used either as wallpapers either as design elements for your website. If you find yourself mesmerised by these images keep in mind that there are lots of computer programs allowing you to create your own, unique kaleidoscopes. Before you try some, get some samples below: