Saturday, December 2, 2023

Path of Red

Brenizer Method – 12 images stitched together. By Chad Galloway

Amazing Photos of Modern Buildings

There are a lot of wonderful things in the world. Some natural, some built by man. Modern architecture is usually found in contradiction with...
Creative Business Cards

20 Creative Business Cards

Nowadays it seems like a standard business card isn’t such a big deal. You can leave a long lasting impression by designing a card...

Ben Heine Reloaded

Ben Heine is back! This time, the Belgian artist is even more creative, with some new awesome images done by putting a piece of paper between camera and reality.

10 Awesome Graffiti Canvas Art

Although still illegal in some parts of the world (if not most of them) Graffiti is considered a form of art, as it dates back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

Tilt-Shift Van Gogh

While Vincent Van Gogh was an Impressionist painter, I've always found his artwork to be pretty surreal, with his daub-paint effect warping landscapes. Artist Serena Malyon bent their reality even more, adding tilt-shift photography effects to 16 of his popular works. Here you can see 11 beautiful examples:

10 Awesome Minimalist Portraits

You know who are them without looking at their names (but the artist put the names, just in case). The first nine examples of these are made by Ali Jabbar, a very talented man from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You probably remember the last one, featured here on 10awesome. If you didn't see those ten amazing portraits, take a look here.

10 of the Strangest Museums in the World

What does your local museum show? The typical old jars and weapons of centuries past? Perhaps you have a museum that houses vehicles, watches, and other treasures considered to have historical significance. These places are educational and big hits among young and old alike. But then there are museums that are not focused on general scientific, historical, or artistic values. The following are great examples. These are places with collections to specific and strange that skipping them when you're in town will be something you will regret.

10 Superb Collections from Madame Alexander

Beatrice Alexander created the Madame Alexander dolls in 1923 and her first doll was based on the character Scarlett O’Hara from the book and...

10 Types of Tattoos People Usually Ask For

Sometimes, a tattoo marks an important event in one's life, becomes a symbol and an icon to be proud of. It marks the belonging to something bigger, to something with a deeper understanding or, in most of the cases, it symbolizes a state of mind or an attitude.