Monday, June 5, 2023

Ben Heine Reloaded

Ben Heine is back! This time, the Belgian artist is even more creative, with some new awesome images done by putting a piece of paper between camera and reality.
chocolate dress

10 Awesome Creations Made of Chocolate

As you probably know, we love chocolate around here and we never let the occasion slip when it comes to presenting you the coolest...

10 Mysterious Regions on Earth

It is the nature of man to widen his horizons and conquer uncharted territories. But even in this day of modern exploration and technology, there are parts of our home planet that still defy some explanation. It's too bad that humans don't live long, really. Because we could use some explanation regarding the following places.


Cool illustration by Radek Dranikowski
Most Expensive Art

Top 10 Most Expensive Art Ever Sold

It’s true that in a lot of cases being an artist is a proper kind of gambling. When you decide to pursue a career...

10 Great Fine Art Landscape Photography Examples

In the era of digital cameras and smartphones with lots of megapixels to their built-in cameras, fine art landscape photography is hard to come by.

Mapcuts by Karen O’Leary

These are so cool. Maps of cities cut from big pieces of paper.

10 Musicians You’d Like to Bring Back from the Dead

The world lost a few super-stars that will be missed, despite the fact that some of them were controversial, others almost lit the world on fire with their attitude or behavior, while others still bring tears of joy and melancholy when we listen to their songs. There are many such icons in the music industry, stars that lit our sky and passed away, leaving us with the memory and an infinite desire to have met them just once. But let's see ten of the most influential, controversial and unique people that we lost and wish to bring back to life.

Top 10 Best Songs from Smash

It premiered on February 6th 2012 and I believe it’s not just me who believes it was a real smash (perfectly chosen name) from...

10 of the Most Interesting Bridges in the World

At one point, man needed a bridge only to connect two lands separated by water. As time passed, design was given as much importance as the function. These days, we have engineers who not only aim to make transportation easier with the construction of bridges but also to win awards for the most innovative designs.