Saturday, February 4, 2023

10 Amazing Tattoos on Beautiful Girls

Tattoos were once considered the mark of punkers, rebels, convicts and rock stars, but nowadays the tattoo has become an essential „ accessory” in the world of...

10 Awesome Small Home Space-Saving Ideas

Living in a small home doesn’t have to be the cramped disaster you might imagine it could be – provided you employ some clever small home space-saving ideas.

Photos or Paintings?

Actually, these are all paintings made by amazing artist Collin Bogle! Inspired by the beauty of nature, Collin combines watercolor, colored-pencil and pastel to create his realistic, finely detailed and dramatically lit wildlife, animal and flower original paintings and fine art prints. Here you can admire ten awesome examples of wildlife realistic paintings, but do not forget to check Collin's website for more beautiful works.

Awesome Works of Art Made From Paper

You can admire today some amazing works of art made by truly talented artists from all around the world. They all use paper as prime material and the results are mind blowing. Enjoy!

10 Highest Statues in the World

Highest statues in the world were lifted to serve a serious purpose, as their impressive size and the huge amounts of money spent on it talk about the significance of the characters which reached such overwhelming proportions. They were destined to make a deep impact upon people and they do their job.


This is Heidi Klum photographed by Ellen von Unwerth.

10 Mind-blowing 3D Street Paintings by Edgar Mueller

Edgar Mueller was born in Mulheim/Ruhr on 10 July 1968. He has been street painter since he was only 16, and his fascination with...

10 Awesome Wallpapers #2

This post is a sequel to the previous 10 Awesome Wallpapers article. If you like them, it will definitely not be the last one....

10 Awesome Van Gogh Prints

It's time to make a list with prints from one of the greatest, if not the greatest Dutch post-impressionist painter.

10 Best Cartoon Characters (For Old and Young Alike)

    We all know that there are two types of cartoon characters, those that appeal to younger audiences and those specifically targeting older ones. Dora...