Sunday, October 1, 2023

Top 10 Best Songs from Smash

It premiered on February 6th 2012 and I believe it’s not just me who believes it was a real smash (perfectly chosen name) from...

10 Easy Tutorials for Beaded Jewelry

There are a lot of great handmade jewelry tutorials. The most intricate models are without a doubt those of beaded jewelry. We have searched...

Path of Red

Brenizer Method – 12 images stitched together. By Chad Galloway

Autumn Visual Extravaganza

Born in Shanghai and living in U.S since 1986, Z. L. Feng prefers to mainly use watercolor because "With watercolor you cannot cover your mistakes, so you must know what you are doing".
10 Magical Snowflake Macros (1)

10 Magical Snowflake Macros

We know that winter has just ended, but we've just stumbled upon some amazing macros of snowflakes and we  had to share them. I...

Awesome Stone Art

For your inspiration, see these ten awesome drawings on stones, in a new form of art. Once again, we can say that the creativity is limitless.
Most Expensive Art

Top 10 Most Expensive Art Ever Sold

It’s true that in a lot of cases being an artist is a proper kind of gambling. When you decide to pursue a career...

10 Astounding 3D Street Art

When you hear the words “street art” you most probably snort in derision. This is only natural since street art has often been used to refer to sloppy spray-painted names of street “artists” or stickers with illustrations that could very well be made by a 5-year old.
iphone photo

10 Best iPhone Photos in the IPAA Comptition 2013

With the appearance of the iPhone, the lifestyle of people was just revolutionized in the way in which they record their memories and document...
Creative Business Cards

20 Creative Business Cards

Nowadays it seems like a standard business card isn’t such a big deal. You can leave a long lasting impression by designing a card...