Friday, September 22, 2023

10 Reasons Why E-Books Will Rule the World of Literature

Remember the time when reading a book meant smelling the ink, touching the paper flipped between your fingers, falling asleep with your favorite novel...

10 Alternatives To Download Audiobooks Online

Two days ago we've offered a list of ten e-readers, and now it's time to give you ten alternatives to download audiobooks online.

10 Cheap Books For Toddlers

It is said that childhood is the most important part in anyone's life, and exercising your kid's imagination is a must.

10 Lesser-Known Facts about the Twilight Books

Since the latest and final installment in the Twilight film saga, Breaking Dawn, has just recently hit the silver screens, why not update your trivia knowledge on the books that made the hugely successful film franchise possible?

10 Awesome Non-Fiction Books

Non-fiction books are ones of the readers’ favorites because reality was always more interesting than fiction. This list of non-fiction books is trying to cover as many tastes as possible, from the history lovers to the adventure books fans and from the sports enthusiasts to are who are interested in traveling.

5 Greatest Cookbooks in History

When reviewing a cookbook, one must tell the story of the cook. Because it is the person, with his tastes, his passions, his entire life that speaks to you behind the pages.

10 Nifty Circular Bookcases

When you think of bookcases, you probably think of rows upon rows of boring and straight shelves. Now a bookcase, no matter the design, will hardly be boring to any book-lover if it houses his or her treasured possessions. But then, it can't hurt to have shelves that look interesting, right? How about circular?

10 Amazingly Creative Bookmarks

"The new concept, created by me. I wonder that it would be great if we can use dust jackets and bookmarks together to create a unique image of a paper book. This idea can help to expand book’s space." - Igor Udushlivy