Monday, June 5, 2023

10 Awesome Cheap Clothing Websites

Following a previous article about ten awesome clothing websites we come with yet another interesting list of cheap clothing websites that won't dig a hole into your pocket.

10 Red Carpet Dresses

Red carpet dresses are the absolute highlight of any event, as they are both trendsetters and inspiration for we the living’s prom or cocktail...

The Synthesizer T-shirt is Here!

This fully-playable t-shirt-based music synthesizer uses professional quality sounds in a unique wearable format. It has eight-voice polyphony, high-quality sampled sounds and stylist retro amp box.

10 Things to Know About Polka Dots

Since the 50', the polka dots have always been in fashion, with their funny, happy look and their origin mystery. From the good old days of the itsy-bitsy-teeny-­weeny polka dot to movies and catwalks, the polka dots almost spread the female kind in two sides: the ones who love them and the ones who'll never wear them. It is true they don't fit any type of body or outfit, but they still make it every year in the latest trends, small, large, uni or multicolored and they can adorn anything from the proverbial bikini to an Oscar evening dress. So what is it with these polka dots that still inflame designers' imagination and women's taste in clothing?

10 Best Dresses at the 2014 Oscars

When it comes to glitz and glamor, no award show is more glamorous and glitzier than the Oscars. It’s where everybody makes an effort...

Top Ten Scariest Halloween Costumes

Halloween is creeping up on us and we have to be ready to dress to impress… and to scare. Maybe go for some Halloween contact lenses to really make a statement and also make sure you choose the character you want to be on that night wisely, you wouldn’t want to disturb its spirit and have it haunt you all year long.

Chewing Gum Stilettos

Chewing Gum Stilettos designed by Kobi Levi. Cool!

10 Evening Dresses With Long Sleeves

Fashion, as a general term, is constantly evolving. With each year that passes new trends emerge, but true big leaps occur after decades of experimenting and designing.

10 Funky Socks

Ever since the first pair of socks was "designed" from animal skin to protect the ankles, the sock had suffered much transformation.

Get Your T On!

s their designer greatly sums up, this T-shirts display nothing more than a large and black T, using 5 famous typefaces; Helvetica, Caslon, Baskerville, Courier, and Cooper Black.