Wednesday, June 29, 2022

10 Essential Equestrian Clothing Items

Being informed on equestrian clothing will help you make the best decisions in putting together a comfortable, appropriate riding outfit, which will enhance your sportsmanship abilities, rather than hinder you and make you uncomfortable.

10 Most Controversial Sports Costumes of All Time

These are the sports costumes that gave birth to worldwide controversies s soon as they were presented to the public. Sexist, insulting, religiously correct or merely inadequate, these outfits did not meet fans’ approval or official regulations. Here is the list of the 10 most controversial sports costumes, according to Time Magazine:

The Synthesizer T-shirt is Here!

This fully-playable t-shirt-based music synthesizer uses professional quality sounds in a unique wearable format. It has eight-voice polyphony, high-quality sampled sounds and stylist retro amp box.

Get Your T On!

s their designer greatly sums up, this T-shirts display nothing more than a large and black T, using 5 famous typefaces; Helvetica, Caslon, Baskerville, Courier, and Cooper Black.

Chewing Gum Stilettos

Chewing Gum Stilettos designed by Kobi Levi. Cool!

Adidas Originals – Teddy Bears

Here is what Jeremy Scott did for the new Adidas Originals collection. Teddy Bears!

10 Awesome T-shirt Illustrations

We have here ten awesome t-shirt illustrations made by two great artists. The artist Glenn Jones, with his amazing talent and great imagination has come up with some of the funniest, shocking and downright awesome t-shirts yet. He has a beautiful store where you can buy awesome t-shirts at The second artist is Greg Darroll, with some cool and creative ideas.

10 Hi-Tech Tees

The intersection between technology and fashion is absolutely amazing here. We present you ten awesome hi-tech tees that are a must have for any respectable geek. Enjoy!