Saturday, June 3, 2023
People Wrongfully Deemed Crazy

10 People Wrongfully Deemed Crazy

The United States are notorious for committing innocent people into insane asylums. How would you react if you'd wake up in a straitjacket, in...

10 Greatest Generals of World War II

By means of this article, we pay tribute to the greatest generals of World War II. The fate of the entire world would have been different if we did not have them to make the most difficult decisions and to lead the troops in times of great despair. They followed a certain set of principles.

10 Young Adult Fiction Books

Reading is good for you. Everybody knows that. But somehow some find it hard to stick to this routine. Reading is like working out:...
Leonardo Da Vinci Facts

Top 10 Most Awesome Leonardo Da Vinci Facts

Leonardo Da Vinci is a widely known figure for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s his famed skill as a painter, his revolutionary sketches...
nelson mandela life

10 Inspirational Quotes from Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa, died Thursday night at the age of 95. The announcement was made about half an...

10 Awesome Maps

Check out these ten awesome interactive maps which might be useful and truly inspiring for all of you. They are clever, funny, colorful and informative! Enjoy!

10 Things You Should Know About Shakespeare

People say it is a shame to not know who William Shakespeare was or what he did for this world, as he is still considered the most famous, prolific and controversial writer in the entire history of mankind. Is he the only author of all his works, or is it true that many other talented dramatists gathered under the fictional name and character "Shakespeare"? Did he even existed as a person? Did he wrote the Bible? Don't laugh, people asked themselves this question too.
Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Romania

10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Romania

This Eastern European country's beauty is often overlooked or understated. Here we have 10 interesting things you didn't know about Romania that will change...

10 Awesome Universal Languages

Universal languages are the ones that link all the human beings together. Regardless of your race, of your nationality or of your background these are the languages that will make sense to you and that will represent a way of communicating to your fellow men worldwide.
Anais Nin

10 Amazing Quotes about Writing from 10 Amazing Authors

You’re looking for inspiration, aren’t you? You’re looking for someone who will tell you how to write or even why you should write or...