Saturday, February 4, 2023
black widow

10 Most Dangerous Insects

They creep they crawl, they bite, they sting, they carry diseases and some of them can kill you fast. Some are very common and...
Mesopotamia Facts

10 Awesome Facts about Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia is the name of an ancient region on whose grounds modern-day Iraq came to be. Nicknamed the Cradle of Life, it’s considered by...

10 Most Unusual Things you Didn’t Know About History

Do you think history is boring? For those of you who aren't very passionate about the life of our ancestors we have prepared a...

10 Awesome Facts About Our Planet

Our planet is a constant source of wonder and amazement, no matter if we study it from the ground, sort to speak, or from the outskirts of space. There is no doubt that science helped us not only understand the mysteries surrounding our earthly existence, but to further explore the wonders of our Universe. And while it's a common saying that Mother Earth was created around 4.5 billion years ago, we still don't know everything there is to know about our home, nor do we remain neutral when the latest technological advancements help us learn something new every day. So let's see together ten awesome facts about our planet.

10 Unusual Words Describing Usual Things in Our Lives

Did you know that the space between your eyebrows had a name? And did you ever stop to wonder the name for those butterflies...

10 Most Aggressive Dogs in the World

All dogs can bite. This is a fact. However, some dogs are more likely to do so than others. This may come as a surprise to you but the most aggressive breeds of dogs are not necessarily the ones considerate the most potentially dangerous. Here is my top of the 10 most aggressive dog breeds in the world:
7 absurd education related punishments more absurd than those of other times.

7 Absurd Education Related Punishments

You would think that the days of Victorian rigor and repression of... well practically anything from emotions to any form of deviance from the...
long words

10 Very Incredible Long Words In The World

Long words have somewhat of a special flavor to them, as sometimes make us laugh and sometimes leave us in surprise of ever not knowing who is actually using them. And we are not talking here about Mary Poppin's "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious", but of real words (well, maybe are some glued together because agglutinative languages allow long word compositions), technical sometimes and frequently used some other times. If you liked grammar in school and you still remember you loved to read and learn new words, then it's about time to pass to the next level and see what other long, strange, impossible to pronounce words are there.
Accredited Online Colleges

Top 10 Accredited Online Colleges – Scholastic Opportunities

Pursuing post-secondary education is the single most advantageous career step most people can take. In fact, if you finish college,...
shade grown coffee

10 Small Things that are Harming the Environment

Do you think you’re doing everything in your power not to harm the environment? Are you saving water at home? Are you walking or biking...