Monday, June 5, 2023
dog training tips

10 Rules in Training Your Dog

The training of purebred dogs through obedience is not a game, although sometimes we perceive dogs as partners for entertainment. Dogs, regardless of breed,...

10 Hazardous Waste Issues

Pollution, global warming, misconduct and indifference are all problems that will, sooner or later, affect us all. We don't want this to sound like propaganda, or some misguided sense of self-righteousness; we're only addressing the public ten hazardous waste issues of our days.

10 Strange Animals Around The World

Strange animals are known to walk the Earth, as Mother Nature was very generous when planting her children all over this incredible world. As you my see on National Geographic, Discovery and so on, Nature also had some strange sense of humor too. Used to the great animals we already know, seeing some strange wild beasts can only make us laugh, get scared or melt inside. There are a lot of such creatures lurking the farthest corners of the planet or hiding in the depths of the darkest waters and one may need a lifetime to know and learn about them all. So today, among all the strangest creatures in the world, we will choose only ten (while apologizing to the others for not making this list - maybe next time) and tell you some things about them, as we travel from the scariest of jungles to the clearest of waters around the globe.
Hostile Work Environment boss

10 Tips for Surviving in a Hostile Work Environment

These days, companies have defined policies for dealing with abuse or harassment in the workplace, but there are some cases where they just don’t...
black widow

10 Most Dangerous Insects

They creep they crawl, they bite, they sting, they carry diseases and some of them can kill you fast. Some are very common and...

10 Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe

Mysteries of the universe are one of the most fascinating subjects to be studied. The Cosmos is the frontier we were unable to cross yet, and we may never do so. ‘What happens out there?’,’ why does it happen?’ and’ how?’ are basic questions, but even they are still waiting for an answer.
Myth Stories

10 Awesome Myth Stories From Ancient Greece

From the Odyssey to the Iliad, to the Theogony, there are many works which contain some of the greatest tales and legends associated with...
shade grown coffee

10 Small Things that are Harming the Environment

Do you think you’re doing everything in your power not to harm the environment? Are you saving water at home? Are you walking or biking...
5 Unbelievable True Stories About WWII

5 Unbelievable True Stories About WWII

What most of us remember about World War II from history classes boils down to who fought who, the Holocaust, the Nazis and how...

10 Romance Novels That Will Change your Perspective on Love

Best romance novels that for sure will change your entire perspective on love and you will want their pages to never end. Love, that one...