Sunday, October 1, 2023
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10 Tips on Saving Water at Home

Why do we need to save water? The planet’s full of it, there are wonderful water cities and plenty of fresh water rivers that...

10 Awesome Universal Languages

Universal languages are the ones that link all the human beings together. Regardless of your race, of your nationality or of your background these are the languages that will make sense to you and that will represent a way of communicating to your fellow men worldwide.
Ten Facts About Vlad The Impaler

Ten Facts About Vlad The Impaler

Also known as Vlad Tepes, Vlad III or Vlad Dracula, he was the son of Vlad II Dracul and a member of the Order of the...

10 Strange Animals Around The World

Strange animals are known to walk the Earth, as Mother Nature was very generous when planting her children all over this incredible world. As you my see on National Geographic, Discovery and so on, Nature also had some strange sense of humor too. Used to the great animals we already know, seeing some strange wild beasts can only make us laugh, get scared or melt inside. There are a lot of such creatures lurking the farthest corners of the planet or hiding in the depths of the darkest waters and one may need a lifetime to know and learn about them all. So today, among all the strangest creatures in the world, we will choose only ten (while apologizing to the others for not making this list - maybe next time) and tell you some things about them, as we travel from the scariest of jungles to the clearest of waters around the globe.
famous constellations: sagittarius

The 10 Most Famous Constellations In History

Once in a while, we can’t help but divert our attention to the marvel that is the night sky. Whether you are an avid...

10 Things Young Girls Need to Stop Doing

With the risk of adding in some clichés and generalizations (we’re only human), we thought we would write a short article about things young...

10 Vestigial Structures, The Most Controversial Human Organs

Vestigial structures were first described by Charles Darwin, as a prove of his evolutional theory, which represented the starting point of a completely new way of seeing life and human beings, as well as of an intense controversy that would last to this day. These vestigial structures were seen by Darwin as completely useless organs, though today's science also labels as "vestigial" those structures that still serve minor, or secondary roles
5 Unbelievable True Stories About WWII

5 Unbelievable True Stories About WWII

What most of us remember about World War II from history classes boils down to who fought who, the Holocaust, the Nazis and how...

10 Awesome Facts About Our Planet

Our planet is a constant source of wonder and amazement, no matter if we study it from the ground, sort to speak, or from the outskirts of space. There is no doubt that science helped us not only understand the mysteries surrounding our earthly existence, but to further explore the wonders of our Universe. And while it's a common saying that Mother Earth was created around 4.5 billion years ago, we still don't know everything there is to know about our home, nor do we remain neutral when the latest technological advancements help us learn something new every day. So let's see together ten awesome facts about our planet.

10 Unusual Words Describing Usual Things in Our Lives

Did you know that the space between your eyebrows had a name? And did you ever stop to wonder the name for those butterflies...