Sunday, October 1, 2023

10 Most Aggressive Dogs in the World

All dogs can bite. This is a fact. However, some dogs are more likely to do so than others. This may come as a surprise to you but the most aggressive breeds of dogs are not necessarily the ones considerate the most potentially dangerous. Here is my top of the 10 most aggressive dog breeds in the world:
7 absurd education related punishments more absurd than those of other times.

7 Absurd Education Related Punishments

You would think that the days of Victorian rigor and repression of... well practically anything from emotions to any form of deviance from the...
long words

10 Very Incredible Long Words In The World

Long words have somewhat of a special flavor to them, as sometimes make us laugh and sometimes leave us in surprise of ever not knowing who is actually using them. And we are not talking here about Mary Poppin's "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious", but of real words (well, maybe are some glued together because agglutinative languages allow long word compositions), technical sometimes and frequently used some other times. If you liked grammar in school and you still remember you loved to read and learn new words, then it's about time to pass to the next level and see what other long, strange, impossible to pronounce words are there.
Accredited Online Colleges

Top 10 Accredited Online Colleges – Scholastic Opportunities

Pursuing post-secondary education is the single most advantageous career step most people can take. In fact, if you finish college,...
shade grown coffee

10 Small Things that are Harming the Environment

Do you think you’re doing everything in your power not to harm the environment? Are you saving water at home? Are you walking or biking...

10 Cheap Books For Toddlers

It is said that childhood is the most important part in anyone's life, and exercising your kid's imagination is a must.
Cool Facts About Mars - Four People to Land on Mars

Top 10 Cool Facts About Mars

There are eight planets in our beloved solar system (or nine, depending on how attached you are to Pluto, but let’s not get into...
famous mistresses

10 Mistresses who Influenced History

The statute of mistress is not completely worthy, right or even admirable, but it happens to many women and they assume this role, for...

10+1 Amazing Facts about our Body that will just Make you Want to Give...

Our body is our temporary home throughout the journey represented by our life span. But we know so little about it. The worst thing...

10 Alternatives To Download Audiobooks Online

Two days ago we've offered a list of ten e-readers, and now it's time to give you ten alternatives to download audiobooks online.