Friday, December 8, 2023

Tarot – a 2010 Design Perspective

Pictoplasma Publishing from Berlin just released an unusual set of Tarot cards, fully functional but rather minimalistic and contemporary than most Tarot designs out there.

Lego Frog, Open for Experiments

If you ever fancied to dissect a frog but you wanted to get past the gross details, now you have your chance with this anatomically-relevant LEGO frog.

The Simpsons x Banksy

The Simpsons x Banksy. Cool collaboration.

Wing Suit Flight Footage

Jeb Corliss wing-suit demo:

Awesome Photo Manipulations by Jan Oliehoek

See here ten awesome Photo Manipulations by Jan Oliehoek.

Great Game: Across Age DX

"Now FDG Mobile Games releases Across Age DX for the iPhone 4 and new iPod Touches and the bumping has been replaced with button-based sword swings. The developers have fixed my only gripe with the original game, making Across Age DX a game I would readily recommend to any iPhone 4 owner with RPG tastes." - Gizmodo

HD Wallpaper: When I Think of You

Download When I Think of You - 1900x1200 px.

Funny Fast Money

Secily takes the "Family" OUT of Family Feud!

Staple City

100,000 staples arranged over 40 hours!

So Close to the Moon

You can almost touch it…