Saturday, June 3, 2023

Private Stages: Can You See the Girls?

In these photos are some hot, naked girls. Can you see them? Okay, your imagination will construct everything, but there are just some crazy bubbles. “Private Stages” is a series of collages made by Peter Freitag. He took amateur photographs of nudes from the internet and obscured the nude with the application of little “dots” that are made with punch hole irons using the colors and structures from the original image. Very creative!

This is Stunning: Plane Crossing Middle of Moon

See the original photo and read the story behind it on SmashingPicture

Lego Wedding Ring

This is so cool! Lego wedding ring!

Tee Design: Midnight Snack

A collaboration with Amber aka coffeecandle based on her design Not At All What We Expected We hope you enjoy it! Buy it as a tee from Threadless!

Mario remake world 1 – 1

Would you play it ?

The Walking Dead – Title Sequence

Well, this is a brilliant animation:

Bond Bike: Flames, Ejection Seat and More

This is just a crazy concept that won't be up for sale, and the reasons are dead simple:

Creative Examples Of Infographics

Noupe has posted many other great examples, so go ahead and admire them all here:

This 100-Year-Old Photo Has Not Been Photoshopped

The three peasant girls were shot by the Russian photographer Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky in 1909, who was renowned for taking the only known color photo of Leo Tolstoy, in 1908. This photo has no fancy effects, no Photoshop and no tricks at all. It was was taken using the Harris Shutter Effect, which occurs when a frame is re-exposed in red, green and blue filters. The Harris shutter is a strip device with three color filters, invented by Robert S. "Bob" Harris of Kodak.

Smashing Space Wallpapers

SmashingPicture has a beautiful collection with 33 smashing space wallpapers. Check them all!