Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Stunning Illustrations: Bram Lee

You will love these magical illustrations made by Bram Lee, a very talented artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His artwork is pretty impressive, with great details, wonderful lights, beautiful colors andunique style. Enjoy.

Geeks Will Laugh…

Look at these ten amazingly creative drawings and you will get a big smile on your face. They are all funny, and some of them are sad but true... Enjoy!

10 Awesome Error 404 Pages

An Error 404 page means a lot for a website. First of all, it can be very creative, as you can see in the next examples. Secondly, the webmasters can putt there some good information, like top ten posts, an archive, a search bar, a contact form and obviously a link for home page. Let's tale a look at ten awesome Error 404 pages:

10 Awesome Sets of Creative Ads

Here you can see ten sets of very creative commercials. They are funny, full of messages, educative and efficient. Enjoy.

Childhood Memories

Jacek Yerka has many sources of inspiration, but he prefers to use something priceless: childhood memories. His drawings are spectacular, full of clean ideas and innocent thoughts. You can see ten awesome examples here:

Amazing Movie Illustrations

"I am an artist who focuses heavily on the subjects of film and pop culture." What do you think about these awesome movie illustrations made by Justin Reed? Let us know your thoughts.

10 Most Addictive iPad Games

We have compiled a list of 10 Most Addictive Games specially developed for iPad. These games have gorgeous HD graphics, intuitive controls and very attractive prices. If you own an iPad, check these out. Hope you will like them all!