Sunday, October 1, 2023
Best Christmas wishes

25 Best Christmas Text Messages

If you are one of those people who enjoys sending text messages for Christmas, then let the inspiration flow! Here are 25 best Christmas...
kids pictures

10 Smart Ways to Use Your Smartphone’s Camera

Contrary to popular belief, a smartphone's camera can be used in more ways than capturing a scene of life, an Instagram moment or a...

10 Pick-Up Lines That May Make a Girl Laugh and Give You a Chance

Men are hunters. Always have, always will, they will become restless around a beautiful woman and they would try to pick her up, sometimes only for the fun of it and without thinking too much ahead in the future. They like the flirt, the game, the innuendo. And while it is also true that some are really desperate to get a date, others show a self-confidence and a relaxed attitude that will actually at least make women feel entertained, if not downright impressed.

10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

It seems that today people are going out of their way to complicate their lives. They collect more and more things on which they...

10 Terrible Construction Ideas And Solutions

This world is the witness of brilliant architectural and interior design ideas that not only were considered revolutionary at their time, but may be considered true works of art. Buildings, house complexes, architectural wonders, interiors that make you shiver in admiration and respect for the ones who created them and left them as legacy. At the other end, though, this world is also the witness of horrible, completely uninspired and down right stupid construction solutions, designs and projects that qualify as grotesque and completely useless. So let's take a look of some constructions, be them exterior or interior, that will blow your mind.
10 Budget-Friendly Spring Break Destinations for the entire family

10 Budget-Friendly Spring Break Destinations

Don’t break the bank this spring break. There are dozens of places you and the whole family can visit that stay in tune with...
dangerous cities

10 Dangerous Cities In The World

Making a top of the most dangerous cities in the world is not an easy task, the lists change year after year. Some time ago, Chicago was, and still is considered the world's crime capital. But let's face it, just because Chicago has an interesting crime history and something that looks like a proneness to violence, there are other cities in this world that are basically imbued in constant acts of crime. There are cities out there which can scare even the most spectacular team of super heroes and if you think the Expendables can take a quiet walk in the park in some of these towns, think again! Today we will see (from the distance, as nobody dares to travel in those virtually war zones) the top ten most dangerous cities in the world.

10 Cool Facts about Dreams

Researchers have not yet managed to uncover the secrets of dreams, although they have been researching on this topic for decades. The dreams we...

10 Frequently Told Lies And Their Possible Meanings

You're going to be late for work? What you do? You call the boss and tell him about an incredible adventure you were part of on your way to the office. You drank too much and don't want your partner to know about? Invent a stomach flu. Seeing somebody else in the same time? Not good, but you still have a story in your sleeve, ready to pop out in a crisis situation. People lie. And yes, it is wrong, but sometimes you go against morals or fairness and you just want to save your sorry... you know. So let's take a look on ten most common lies people are so used to tell, they don't even sound like lies anymore.

10 Popular New Year’s Resolutions

People are good at making resolutions but not so good at keeping them. We’ve written before about New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep,...