Sunday, October 1, 2023

10 Alcoholic Drinks and How They Get You Drunk

Have you ever heard about the myth that every alcoholic drink will get you drunk differently? Is it really possible that drinking vodka mixed...

10 Awesome Wall Stickers For Nurseries

A nursery is of vital importance in any child's development, and wall stickers have been used with this particular purpose since a long time.

10 Worst Ways To Propose

The worst ways to propose to a woman are not hard to guess, if you have some common sense. Amusingly and sadly in the same time, it seems like many men lack that common sense as we may find many women disappointed by their boyfriends' lack of inspiration. Here are some of these awful ways to pop the question:

10 Famous Cocktails You Should Try Once in a Life Time

It's not that alcohol abuse is a good thing, on the contrary, but having a cocktail once in a while, is a treat many people indulge in, especially when they want to taste the little pleasures of life.
Most Outrageously Expensive Weddings - 34 Million

Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings In History

“For better and for worse,” the saying goes. It’s easy to make such an important commitment when your ceremony is witnessed by thousands of...

10 Female Celebrities Who Like Older Men

Apparently, female celebrities of our times have developed a contagious attraction for older men, who are, in many cases, unknown in the world of the rich and famous. Even though they are –in some cases-much younger than their partners, these celebs definitely did not need the money of their men, as it happens so often.

10 Things To Do During a Hurricane

?As a result of the impact that the hurricane Irene had on media and of all the panic it created, you might want to know what to do in case a super storm, a hurricane or a cyclone hits your area. There is nothig wiser than preparing yourself properly and making sure that you, your family, your home and your values are safe from danger. It may seem that you are helpless, but this is not right: there are plenty of things to do.
Habits You Need to Give up

10 Habits You Need to Give up

Every man wants to be happy, to have a fulfilling life, enjoy love, friendship. And yet there are some people who behave completely miserable...
rainbow flag fluttering in the wind

Top 10 Non Binary Celebrities with an Incredible Style

Prescribing to certain gender and sexual norms is a thing of the past. In today's world, more and more celebrities are joining the equality...

10 Fun Party Drinks

When you’re having a party, someone is bound to start searching for the jello shot cups, so if you want your party to be...