Sunday, June 4, 2023

10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World

Budget traveling is very trendy these days. Even millionaires or kids of millionaires find that there is something quaint or real about checking into a seedy hostel or inn when seeing the world. If you are looking to experience the local color when you travel, going for something affordable but comfortable is always a good idea. But what if you want to truly escape and live like royalty even for just a night? This is where the most expensive hotel rooms can come in handy.

10 Strange Upside Down Buildings

Humans our rooted to the ground. For obvious reasons, our houses and other structures follow our upright orientation as well. But then you have the following upside down structures proving that perhaps humans have become too bored of the usual houses and buildings.
Most Insane Restaurants In The World

10 Most Insane Restaurants In The World

When in doubt about what today’s dinner will consist of, head to your favorite restaurant. I mean, yeah, you could probably benefit from the...

10 Pictures of Bali as You Have Never Seen Before!

Bali, the beautiful Indonesian island, as you have never seen it before! These pictures are the work of photographer Denis Albertovich who has the amazing gift of surprise those particular details that build the atmosphere of a place. His gift could have never found better use then by making these pictures of the beautiful Bali.

10 Things to See in Istanbul

Istanbul, with its history and diverse tourism potential, distinguishes itself from all other cities. It is the point where the continents, culture, civilization, religion,...
Quebec Winter Carnival

10 Reasons to Stop by the Quebec Winter Carnival

There’s nothing quite as enthralling as the magic of festive spirit. Some people may argue that the excessive media exposure has turned Christmas into...

10 Luxury Vacation Rentals

When in vacation, people are looking for superb homes to correspond to the dreams they had during an entire year of sitting in a boring office: the luxury vacation rentals I chose will definitely offer you everything you wished for, and even a little extra:
10 Reasons to Visit Amsterdam

10 Reasons to Visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam sights make this city perfect for a weekend getaway or a vacation longer. Summer is probably the most appropriate time to visit the...

10 Most Coolest Amusement Parks in the World

Yes, we all love Disneyland and many of us wish to have fun there at least once in a lifetime. But the need for entertainment, fun and relaxation is a common trait for people all over the world, leading to the creation of spectacular and famous amusement parks that are a delight not only to children, but to adults too. So hop on the roller coaster and let's visit, at least virtually, some of the best parks in the world.

The Top 10 Signs Your Car Needs to See a Mechanic

The vast majority of people rely on their car to get them from one place to another regularly, however, cars are very complex machines...