Wednesday, June 29, 2022

10 Pictures of Bali as You Have Never Seen Before!

Bali, the beautiful Indonesian island, as you have never seen it before! These pictures are the work of photographer Denis Albertovich who has the amazing gift of surprise those particular details that build the atmosphere of a place. His gift could have never found better use then by making these pictures of the beautiful Bali.

10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World

Budget traveling is very trendy these days. Even millionaires or kids of millionaires find that there is something quaint or real about checking into a seedy hostel or inn when seeing the world. If you are looking to experience the local color when you travel, going for something affordable but comfortable is always a good idea. But what if you want to truly escape and live like royalty even for just a night? This is where the most expensive hotel rooms can come in handy.

10 Strange Upside Down Buildings

Humans our rooted to the ground. For obvious reasons, our houses and other structures follow our upright orientation as well. But then you have the following upside down structures proving that perhaps humans have become too bored of the usual houses and buildings.
Most Insane Restaurants In The World

10 Most Insane Restaurants In The World

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10 of the Worst Airports in the World

No one likes airports. No matter how modern, well designed and friendly it seems, it is impossible to love a place in the perimeters of which so many things could go wrong!
Awesome Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic

10 Awesome Hotels in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is an awesome European destination and it is one of those places that you can visit all year round. People who come to...

10 Items You Need for Hiking

If you’re wondering what to put into your Swiss Army backpack, we could help you out by giving you a few tips. Going on...

10 Works of Art from the 20th Century that Changed the Course of Time

Let’s have a little chat about art, shall we? Art is the origin of all things, the best cure-all, and a constant reminder that...

10 Places In The World That Look Like Special Effects Movies

Today we will take a look not only to those places that seem out of this world, but to those places where nature really did magic, offering us surroundings, colors and landscapes that look like taken out from surreal, dream-like paintings or SF movies.
Awesome Vacations

10 Awesome Vacations For People In Their 20s

Grab those tickets while you can. When you’re young and restless, you benefit from some advantages that almost push you towards always seizing the...