Sunday, October 1, 2023
Ellidaey Island

10 Beautiful and Secluded Places in the World to Visit

Traveling is a favorite hobby for many.  No matter the frequency of your travel, there are still surreal places to see, to experience, and...

10 Scary Places On Earth

We all love a good scary, let alone a good horror movie from time to time. Humans' fascination with everything that is frightening, with mysteries, dark places and corners of the world that have an intricate, creepy history, often associated with violence and death is well exploited by the modern arts, be them books, movies or even music.

10 Awesome Things to See in Istanbul

One of the most popular places in Turkey is of course the former capital, Istambul, a place of breath taking beauty and overwhelming history and culture. If you want to feed your soul, your eyes and your senses all at once, you should definitely visit Istambul.
vacation destination for 2018

10 Awesome Vacation Destinations

With the new year, travel enthusiast are looking for new opportunities, new adventures. So, here are ten cool vacation destinations. 1. Montenegro: surf at Ada...

10 Best Lightweight Suitcases

Are you planning a trip over the borders this summer? Then you must consider the value of traveling with a lightweight luggage, especially that airports charge you extra if your baggage weighs more than 20 kilos.
Fly Ranch Geyser

10 Less Known Mysterious Places on Earth

You know how here at 10awesome we love to explore the darker side of the world, and by that we mean mysterious places. These are...

Ten Awesome Eccentric Hotels to See Before You Die

There are a few hotels out there that really stand out, whether through design, or location, or unusual facilities they offer. Let’s have a look at ten awesome, eccentric hotels you have to see before you die.
Tallest Churches In The World

Top 10 Tallest Churches In The World

There was a time centuries ago when the Church was among the most powerful and influential institutions in the world. It’s not like we’re...