It is said that childhood is the most important part in anyone’s life, and exercising your kid’s imagination is a must. There is huge market for children out there that includes toys, books, color-books, and so on and so forth. However, not anyone can afford buying expensive toys, or remote controlled cars, or iPhones (it has become a trend in the last years for parents to pamper their children with really expensive “gadgets”), so we’ve tried to compile a list of cheap books for toddlers. Enjoy and give us feedback.




10. The New Michael Morpurgo Collection – 16 Books



The collection contains 16 excellent novels from Michael Morpurgo – one of the most recognized and appreciated children’s authors of our times. In the collection we find titles like: Twist of Gold, Billy the Kid, Shadow, Running Wild, Friend or Foe, etc. It is available for about $17.

9. A Mother’s Song



Our cheap books for toddlers top includes Janet Lawer’s “A mother’s song” – the beautiful story of a young girl and her mother enjoying and exploring a day outdoors. The author creates a beautiful image of the outside, while the two main characters of the book listen to singing birds, or making angels in the snow. The format of the book is hardcover and costs $14.95.

8. First Colouring Pack For Boys



This Boy’s Colouring Set is a perfect gift to keep your child entertained. Putting their imagination to the test, the three books are sure to make your young boy(s) spend hours in colouring scenes that include airports, pirates and dragons, and so on. The price is around $6.3 – a real bargain.

7. The (Not So) Perfect Baby



Written by Baxter Nicola and Siewert Pauline and published by Armadillo Books “The Not So Perfect Baby” is yet another children’s book to describe funny situations, while making use of bright pictures on every page, all meant to keep your child entertained and curious. The book’s price is $7.99 and has a hardcover.

6. Titanic Sticker Book



The Usborne Titanic Sticker Book offers an image on what happened to the world’s most famous luxury boat. The beautiful photographs and stickers are a stream of knowledge for young toddlers, offering them the chance of understanding what happened with Titanic. The book is around $4.8.

5. Harry&Hopper



Margaret Wild alongside with Freya Blackwood have put together this beautiful story of a boy and his companion, the dog called Hopper. They’ve been friends since Hopper was just a little puppy, but one day something horrible happened – Hopper went missing. The whole story is a testimony of what love can really do and costs only $12, without shipping.

4. First Colouring Pack For Girls-3 Books



Cheap books for toddlers top also includes a colouring pack for your girls. The pack contains three charming books, specifically designed for your girls to enjoy, featuring a wide variety of scenes, from farms, to weddings and fashion. Each book is also featuring two pages of stickers that can be added. Price: approximately $6.4

3. Earth: The Life of a Planet



Starting with the Big Bang and ending up with a futuristic view of our planet (100 years into the future), each page of this book is a guide to our planet. It encapsulates high quality pictures, and lots of fun facts and statistics that will make your child fascinated with our civilization. The books also comes with a fold-out poster and costs around $7.9. It’s our choice as number three out of 10 cheap books for toddlers.

2. First Encyclopedia Of The Human Body



Yet another edition of the Usborne, the “First Encyclopedia of the Human Body” introduces toddlers with the fantastic world of human body. It includes useful information about the human brain, respiration system, circulation system, and our senses in the form of questions such as: “where does your good go?” or “what are eyelashes for?”. It features amazing photos, detailed illustrations and a selection of informative websites. The price for it is about $4.7

1. Teddy Bear Stories



“Teddy Bear Stories” is taking the first place as it’s not only a children’s book, it’s a wonderful stuffed animal that managed to keep children safe since I can remember. The book contains short stories that feature teddy bears, and they’re especially written to keep your toddlers entertained and curious. Price: approx. $6.3

Today’s questions with this topic are: What was your favorite book as a child? Would you add it to this top?