awesome comedy actor

They made us laugh in comedies with their incredible performances, so we thought it was a good idea to remember some of those incredible comedy actors that always give their best.

1. Jerry Seinfeld

It was said about him that he is the prototype of the modern stand- up comedian. But Seinfeld was noticed only when he started to play in the series with the same name. We love his sophisticated observations about everyday life and the fact that he always reaches conclusions.

2. Chris Rock

He made his debut in the ’80s and starred in many comedies, but was always called as host of entertainment programs and the various awards ceremonies. We love him because he never shied away from jokes about skin color or homosexuality, attacking and jokingly, half seriously, about fellow actors.

3. Jim Carrey

Everyone laughed out loud at the movies with Jim Carrey, a comedian who makes it very easy to relate to different roles, thanks to his perfect mimic. We like him because he is among the only ones who manages to express so much with his facial features and simple transform himself to look like different characters. His impressions of celebrities and simply incredible.

4. Jerry Lewis

He was called the King of Comedy and he is one of the oldest and greatest comedians of all time. Early in his career, he teamed up with singer Dean Martin and they formed the comedy troupe Martin and Lewis, but he won fame through the dozens of comedy in which he had the main role. We like him for his particular facial features, with his mouth slightly crooked which him famous all over the world.

5. Eddie Murphy

Always with a smile on his face, Eddie Murphy is responsible for many sparkling comedy such as The Nutty Professor, Dr. Doolittle or Beverly Hills Cop. We love how he manages to simultaneously interpret several characters of different genres in the same film. He is truly a multitalented actor.

6. Steve Martin

He is said to have changed the face of comedy. With his hair prematurely white and indulgent figure, Steve Martin starred in many comedies, but he is no stranger to stand- up comedy. We like him because of his familiar attitude, giving the feeling that we know him for a long time.

7. Mr. Bean

His name is Rowan Atkinson and should have been an engineer by education. His greatest achievement is the character Mr. Bean, who does not require any further presentation. We love him because no one can take him seriously, even when he is playing in serious movies. He just has the face and the body for comedy.

8. Jack Black

If until 2000, Jack Black wasn’t a very popular name in the American comedy scene. He gave the first signs that he could handle great roles in High Fidelity, starring John Cusak. Through the years, we have followed him in several roles in short parodies made for MTV in which he was Jack the Elf or Spiderman. His moment of glory was when the he created the hottest established school, a school where no one would flunk: The School of Rock. Since then, his voice animated, in a very original way, characters in movies like Shark Tale and Kung Fu Panda and made us laugh hard in Year One or Tropic Thunder. We love him because he is willing to go all the way for a performance.

9. Robin Williams

The first film that comes to mind when we think of Robin Williams is Flubber – our childhood movie in which the actor created a green mass that liked to jump and dance mambo. Since then, Robin Williams is among the best comedians the world has to offer. Other reference films are Good Morning, Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire, Happy Feet, Jumanji, License to Wed and World’s Greatest Dad. We love him for the fact than when he performs as a stand-up comedian, he is not afraid to talk dirty.

10. Will Ferrell

Whether he is news anchor Ron Burgundy or racing in Talladega Nights, or even former U.S. president, George W. Bush, Will Ferrell knows how to make us laugh. With his curly hair and “it wasn’t me” facial expression, Ferrell is crazy … but in a good way. The memorable scene from Talladega Night: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby when he thinks he is in flames, they removes all his clothes and asks God, Allah, even Oprah Winfrey for help is priceless.