Researchers have not yet managed to uncover the secrets of dreams, although they have been researching on this topic for decades. The dreams we have while we sleep are influenced by a multitude of external and internal factors. Freud believed that dreams are a subconscious message we send to ourselves and that can be predicts several event if you know how to analyze them. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about dreams.

1. Blind people can dream

People who were born blind can also dream, but what they are “seeing” or imagining is a projection based on the senses (touch, hearing and smell). In contrast, people who have lost their vision throughout life, dream just like everyone else.

2. All people dream

Dreams come at night to any person, whether we realize it or not. Researchers have revealed, however, that women’s dreams differ significantly from those of men, in the sense that women dream things much clearer and more real.

3. We only dream about what we know

The unknown people you see in your dreams you’ve undoubtedly seen them somewhere, but you do not know where. Their faces have remained printed somewhere in your mind, and from there, they appear in your dreams. Even if you dream that you are in a place you have not visited, just a few short videos or pictures are enough to transport your mind in that magical place. Therefore, most of the times we know where we are when we dream.

4. Dreams do not come true

Even if we wanted to dream that we won the lottery, and the next day to be lucky winners of the grand prize, dreams do not work that way. Usually dreams are just your hidden desires, and they do not mean that they will become a reality. Very few dreams actually come true. This idea has lead to the appearance of dream interpretation dictionaries (you can find them online). There are a lot of people who believe that what they dream can happen in real life in one form or another. The fact is that dreams have a lot to do with frustrations and desires. Have you ever noticed that every time you feel there is something missing in your life, you dream about it? I cannot tell you how many times I dreamed that I was in a happy, healthy relationship. But that’s another story.

5. External factors influence our dream

It certainly has happened to you at least once while you were sleeping, your phone rang, and you could hear it in your dream and sometimes even answered the phone in the dream. Sounds and smells can occur very easily in our dreams.

6. We remember less than 10% of our dreams

Researchers have proven that we forget most of our dreams in the first five minutes after waking up. Did it ever occur to you to wake up from a nightmare, you know what you dreamed, and when you want to narrate, you simply forget everything?

7. Psychosis can be prevented through dreams

A study was done on a group of volunteers who were waken up while they were dreaming and then continued to sleeping. After three days, most of the volunteers showed signs of psychosis, becoming irritable and presenting hallucinations.

8. Dreams can recur frequently

We all had a dream that repeated at least two or three times over several months. The main recurring dreams are those when we are being watched of followed, we fall into the void or have an accident.

9. Dreams seem more real for those who have quit smoking

People who have smoked for a while, but then quit this addiction have more lucid dreams, more real and more vivid than others. It was found that most of them dream that they are smoking, that they are returning to old habits.

10. When we dream we are paralyzed

When you sleep your body secretes a hormone that paralyzes our muscles in order to prevent making movements in our dreams (and prevent sleepwalking). But there may be muscle spasms that occur in REM dream phase.

Hopefully, one day the mysteries of dream will be revealed and researchers will actually come up with a set of tips and tricks so that we all can have happy dreams.