Star Wars Lego Sets Darth Vader

Lego Team has launched many toy sets for each of the Star Wars movies. They did a very good job by replicating the characters and their ships in a realistic way that can please even the most pretentious fans. As a result, the majority of these Lego sets are preferred by Star Wars aficionados and, these days, this series of movie has the highest number of Lego toys in all of company’s history.

The huge demand for these toys has made a few of them truly expensive collectable items and consequently, very appreciated on the market.

1. Phantom Menace


Lego created its set of Phantom Menace figures based on the characters from Episode 1. This film delves into the roots of the entire saga culture presenting the stories of that era. The set has several mini-figures evoking famous characters, such as Anakin Skywalker or Padme Amidala, being quite easy to put them together by reading all the detailed instructions for a complete assembly or by watching an online video on Youtube.

2. Mos Espa Podrace


This big and amazing Star Wars Lego set is out of production and, because of that, it is now highly regarded by fans and the value of complete sets on Amazon is greater than the regular list cost that it once was marketed for sale. It is probably known as the most desired set by many toy lovers.

3. Attack of the Clone


It was the second of the Star Wars prequel films. The Lego Team did not create many units for this film, as opposed to the large quantities of toys made for the others. However, this Lego Star Wars is a great gift for Advent, and could be suggested that each of these toys built for the movie is necessary for the collectors.

4. Revenge Of The Sith

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This custom set has the unusual Jango Fetts gunship as seen during the famous battle during the war against the Empire. Since it has not been made from 2013, the brand focusing instead on computer games for XBOX 360 or Wii, this set is preferred by many people and an appreciated prize for true fans.

5. Death Star Set


There have been plenty of Lego versions created for this spaceship and the majority of them had an excellent design. Many of these DS models are at high demand and contain also a Legos figurine of Darth Vader, the legendary evil owner of the ship.

6. Darth Vader Transformation

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The set is fairly little, but it can be played with ease and an awesome toy to have. The figurines in this little set are based on the original 3 episodes from many years ago, its classic look bringing fond memories even to the older of us.

7. Star Wars: A New Hope

Star Wars Lego Sets Darth Vader

The original film might be the best of all series and is the platform on which most of the story is based. The core part of this set is the Millennium Falcon, a toy with more than 5,000 pieces that have to be put together, making it probably the largest Lego toy ever created for Star Wars.

For those who love cheats and do not have the time to figure out where every part goes into, they can surely find a free video on the Internet that presents the entire walkthrough, from unpacking the parts to building the whole ship.

8. The Empire Strikes Back


Even if there are many Star Wars Lego games based on this part, the original toy collection is hard to find, the majority of them missing the action figurine. In addition, there is a second release of the Slave I ship, which has a better design with more characters and a lot more details.

9. Return of the Jedi

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Is the last sequel of the trilogy and Lego has created a fantastic variety of game figurines following this movie, with some excellent characters and unusual individuals, Jabba the Hutt being an excellent example of the ingenuity of the makers. Any enthusiast would really like any or all of these toys- Jabbas Message, Prize or Palace.

10. The Clone Wars


Lego actually did a very realistic job creating these sets of the Clone Wars, the last animated film of the series. Here you can find some new characters that are unknown in the rest of the episodes like Plo Koon or Aayla, and the Pirate Tank under Hondo’s command. What makes this an awesome toy is that many of these figurines are not seen in any of the others Star Wars films.

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