diy Christmas gift idea

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we need presents. If you don’t want to spend too much money, but still want to offer your loved ones something original and fun, here are ten easy DIY ideas for Christmas presents.

1. Cute jars

Nothing compares with a personalized gift. Reuse jars that you have and use them to create a unique gift that will certainly be appreciated. If you like to cook, offer as a gift jar of jam made by you. Make a custom label in the Christmas spirit, which sticks to the jar and cover the lid with paper or fabric with a cheery print and tie everything with a piece of string.

2. Embroidery

If you wish to make a gift of traditional inspiration, but a modern look, then make an embroidered frame. Grab a piece of cloth and place it in a frame, then sew the message you wish to convey. You can also you use some fabrics you have in your home to make different collages or you can draw with paint or markers something meaningful for the person who is going to receive your gift.

3. Pillow

If you like to sew, then we recommend you give as gift a decorative pillow. Draw the desired shape on a cardboard, overlay it over a cloth and cut out the outline. Use colored piece of fabric, sequins and buttons in bright colors, so that the pillow becomes festive.

4. Garland

Being Christmas, a garland is a perfect gift you can give your loved ones. It can be used at Christmas dinner, as a central arrangement or it can be hung on a door or wall. If you want your garland to have a great traditional look, give up the traditional fir garland and use unconventional materials. Thus, you can make a garland from fabric, tassels, ornaments, paper (origami technique), fabric flowers, balls, spool, pasta or buttons. The possibilities are endless.

5. Spice pots

If you do not have inspiration and do not know what gifts to give, spice pots are always a perfect solution. The house will get a pleasant fragrance and your loved ones will have their own indoor garden with fresh herbs that can be used whenever needed. For a great look, put the spices in metal pots and kettles and decorate them with string, thread, buttons or sequins.

6. Metal candles

For this next project, you will need cans, a drill or a hammer and a nail. Make candle holders perfect for creating ambient lighting for both indoor and outdoor. So easy to make and your friends will love them.

7. Mugs

Transform simple and boring porcelain mugs into a suitable gift for coffee or tea lovers. They will appreciate it, for sure, and they will be able to enjoy it throughout the year. Draw with a permanent marker for porcelain the desired pattern – if make a bad move, wipe with acetone – and let it dry. When finished, place the mugs in the oven at 160 degrees Celsius for about an hour and a half for the paint to fix.

8. Personalized frame

If you have at home a frame you stopped using, turn into an original idea. Use spray paint to decorate the edges and use objects at hand as décor: twigs, dried flowers, fabric butterflies, paper, buttons, bows. Beat a few nails into the edges of the frame and hang some rope, which you can use to attach different messages.

9. 3D letters

Make home are three-dimensional letters. Perfect to fill in the blanks in a home, as they give personality to a room. The letters are found in most DIY stores, but you can make your own with polystyrene or cardboard. Paint them or decorate them with glitter or sequins.

10. Christmas tree

For Christmas, what gift could be more appropriate than a Christmas tree? Decorate the tree with accessories made by you and do not forget the pot: you can dress it in paper or you can paint it. It’s a cute gift that will last many years and your friends can use it for a long time.

Have you thought about what you want to give to your loved ones for Christmas?