diy christmas tree

Can you believe we’ve a little over a month until Christmas? It seems like only yesterday we were enjoying those long summer nights and now the first snow seems to be right around the corner. Here at Smashing Tops, we love Christmas, we love snow, we love giving and receiving presents. But we also love being responsible when enjoying Christmas. Instead of buying a Christmas tree, why not make of it a cool family project? It’s responsible, fun, environment friendly. There are a lot of DIY Christmas tree ideas you can find online, but today we have chosen only ten. So, try these easy and affordable Christmas tree ideas and say no to cutting trees.

1. Egg carton Christmas tree

Well, we hope you like eating eggs, because it’s going to take a lot of egg cartons for this Christmas tree. But we are sure you can find some store to buy them from. Next you are going to need paint. Spray paint is the best option, ribbons and lots of cool decorations to make your egg carton tree look decent. The best part is that after Christmas is over, you can stack the cartons and use them next year.

2. Fruit Christmas tree

This cool DIY Christmas tree project makes a very cool table decorations. You ca use all your favorite fruit and the best part is that you can help yourself to any tasty treat. The bad part is that you will probably have to rebuild it several times, if you have hungry guests.

3. Hanging Christmas tree

I just love this idea. For this floating Christmas tree, you will need some Christmas decorations and wire. Choose the place where you want to hang your Christmas tree: the idea in the picture bellow , by the window, is great. But you can also use a the chandelier. The great thing about this project is that you don’t need many things to complete it.

4. Shelf Christmas tree

I’m sure you have a white cabinet in your home and lots of green and red things, such as cups, books, boxes or different objects. Simple arrange them in the cabinet to form a Christmas tree. Your guests will love the idea.

5. Magazine Christmas tree

This is probably my favorite idea on the list because I’ve used it on several occasions. You simply need to fold each piece of paper from a magazine in a certain way and you will have a very cool miniature Christmas tree. Be prepared, because it’s going to take a while (there is a lot of folding in the process), but if you manage to have several paper trees in different sizes, it will look awesome. Check out the tutorial here.

6. Pillow Christmas tree

Lots of pillows in different sizes and a bog flower pot. This is all you need to make this very stylish pillow Christmas tree. If you don’t have pillows in the same size as in the picture above, better start making them. It;s not like you will have to throw them away after you are done. You can choose any color in terms of fabric, but I really think the gold is very nice.

7. Tire Christmas tree

Old tires and some spray paint. That is all you need for this tire Christmas tree. You can buy old tires from storage houses and you will surely find them at a very affordable price. Clean the tires thoroughly so that you can apply the paint and stack the tires in order to form a tree. This will look great in your yard, but not so great inside the house.

8. Twig Christmas tree

Enough with the paper and plastic. Let’s use some actual twigs or tree branches to make a tree. Simply drip some strong nails in the wall, that can support the weight of the twigs and decorate with Christmas decorations. The key for this project to look good is to use plenty of light.

9. Vegetable Christmas tree

Another great Christmas tree appropriate for a table decoration. This is also a great idea if you want to get your kids to eat more vegetables. Broccoli and cauliflower are the best vegetables to use, because of their shape, but if you have any other vegetables you thin are suitable, make sure you let us know.

10. Wall Christmas tree

Another great idea for a Christmas tree is simply to stick different objects, directly on the wall, in the form of a tree. Use photos, Christmas decorations, stickers… anything you can think of.

So, what are you using as a Christmas tree this year?