shoes with ankle strap

If nature has not been too generous in your case in terms of height, you should not be disappointed. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use so that other people don’t notice that you are not very tall.

With the help of stylists and other people who know a thing or two about fashion, we came up with a set of ten tips that will make you look taller.

1. Wear blouses and dresses with V-shaped neckline

To appear taller, use a trick that even fashion celebrities resort to. It is the V -shaped neckline that will elongate your neck and will make your bust look slimmer. Remove from your wardrobe any blouse or dress with a high collar.

2. Choose prints with vertical stripes

If you want to look taller, point your attention to items of clothing with vertical stripes. They will create an optical effect of elongation, because the viewer’s eye will be drawn to their continuity.

Another trick in this respect is to war clothing with various vertical applications, such as zippers and a small floral prints. Avoid large ones, which creates volume, giving the impression of a short figure.

3. Wear darker colors

Clothes in dark colors will help you look thinner and taller. Choose one item of clothing in a dark color, depending on time of day and the body part that you want to correct. So, to create the impression of long legs, opt for a pair of black pants, while for a slimmer waistline you can choose a brown or dark blue jacket with a slim cut.

4. Use color accents

If you follow the rules of dark clothes, it’s time to find out and about color accents. It’s about those parts of your body that you’re proud of and that can be put to use in order to achieve the ultimate goal: looking taller. For example, you can combine dark pants with blouses or shirts in bright colors or in neutral tones.

5. High waist skirts

High waist skirt will create a false sense of lengthening in legs. If you manage to combine this cut with a floral or vertical print, success will be guaranteed.

6. Choose shoes and pants in the same color

To avoid the effect of segmenting the legs and shortening with the contrasts of color, opt for shoes and pants in the same color. In this way you will not draw attention to the lower part of the legs and the viewer’s eye remains fixed on the center of your figure and you get the impression that you are taller.

7. To appear taller, avoid shoes with ankle strap

The same effect of shortening the legs will occur if you wear shoes with ankle strap. Avoid leg segmentation and opt, instead, for stylish shoes that thin your ankles.

8. Beware of low- soled shoes

Regardless of the situation or time of day, opt for comfortable heel shoes, high heels or wedges. This is probably the number one rule for when you want to look taller: never lose the high heels.

9. Opt for the right hairstyle

Despite opinions about the advantages of long hair in terms of styling yourself, then you want to look taller, think twice about this problem. You should know that it is advisable to opt for a shorter hair in this situation, because in this way the attention will be on the rest of your figure, not your hair.

If you don’t think short hair looks good on you, try a ponytail or a bun.

10. If you want to look taller, use the right accessories

Any piece of clothing can be removed from the crowd if it is accessorized by the book. If you want to look taller, some necklaces can come in handy. They will create a feeling of elongation, provided you do not wear the ones that are the base of the neck.

If you want to look taller, follow these ten rules and you will be happy with your new figure. Do not forget that every detail makes the difference, so be careful when you go shopping and choose clothes that will bring the desired result.