Download ten amazing freeware apps, all made for windows platform. You really don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on complex apps if you do not use them fully. These GPL applications are  stable, intuitive and, the most important detail, free. They do their job very well, so go on and try them:

MyPaint – An awesome alternative to MS Paint. You can draw de novo or edit images with some simple tools. Download

Speed Dial is a free add-on for Google Chrome. You can customize those boxes with logos, URLs and much more. Download

iTuner is great for iTunes users. It shows information about the current song, available lyrics, playlist options, hotkeys for fast control, all of them in an attractive pop-up. Download

Free Audio Editor let you take only the soundtrack from any embeddable video. You can choose from various audio formats, like Ogg, mp3, wma… Download

Dexpot puts an Aero like preview above the taskbar in Windows 7. Download

VidCoder is a cool app which converts and rips video and audio files. Download

KeePass manages all your passwords, in Windows. Download

CombineZM is great for macro images created digitally by combining some photos. Download

USB safeguard lets you choose a password for your USB memory stick, to prevent some crazy accidents. You know, the aliens can view your photos if you forget a stick somewhere. Better be protected! Download

If you stay too much in front of your computer, you should try Bedtime Help. This app will display a message alert at a specific time. Sleep well… Download