Fun Games to Play with the Kids Indoors

As a parent, you always have to be prepared to offer some sort of entertainment to your kids when the weather doesn’t allow them to play outside. Here are ten fun games to play with your kids indoors.

1. Obstacle course

Prepare a crowded space with furniture and various other items. Avoid the ones that can break or that might hurt someone. Then create a route from one end to the other of the room, which may include passing under chairs, tables, strings, or above/

You can add extra difficulty: children have to walk the route holding a balloon and wearing a hat on their head. In addition, you can set new rules: after a certain part of the course, participants must sing something and jump up three times or any other idea that turns the game into an even funnier activity.

2. The story

One of the children starts a story with the classic formula or not. You say one sentence. The next person will continue with his own ideas. The resulting story is an original that can be continued as long as the participants want it to.

3. Capture the flag

It is a game which requires a little more space. Children are divided into two teams. The first team has as territory the front yard and the other team, the back yard. Each group has five minutes to hide their flag in their territory. The game is interesting, teams can send spies to find out where the others have hidden flag, while the other team sends its own spies.

Each team will try to find the others’ flag. Opponents caught in enemy territory are considered prisoners.

4. Statues

It requires at least four players. One is the seller, another the buyer and the other are statues. Roles are assigned in rotation.

The seller rotates each player who will become a statue and suddenly lets him go. He should remain exactly in that position and think about what he is, according to the position in which they find themselves. Each statue will tell the seller what he thought of.

After that, the buyer enters the scene. The seller explains what each statue does and when he touches the nose of the statue, it will move depending on what it is: if it is, for example, the statue of a football player, it will behave as such.

Finally, the buyer chooses a single statue.

5. Shaving balloons

Each child receives a balloon that was covered with shaving cream and a plastic knife. At the referee’s signal, each will try to shave the balloon without breaking it.

6. Unrelated

Choose a person who will ask questions and the others will respond. The person who receives a question should try to answer something that is not related to the subject. For example, if he is asked how he feels, the answer would be: “The sky is blue” or whatever he can think of. The person who gives the actual answer (in this case, sad, happy, curious), will receive a penalty.

The game has a very fast pace, requiring attention and spontaneity. Answers must be given in three seconds. The person asking the question will try to find questions for which he is likely to receive the yea or no answers (in order to eliminate players from the game and win).

7. Wind mimicked

On a baking paper add two drops of water. Show your child how to blow through a straw, in order to move the water drop. The one who manages to bring the water drop on the other side of the sheet, wins.

8. The red

Children sits in a circle and one of them sits in the center. All of them ask him a question and his answer is always the same: red. The first person who manages to make him laugh, takes his place in the center. Questions should be formulated so that the effect is as such.

9. Race crocodiles

You need two team of at least four kids. The members of a team sit one behind another, with his hands on the shoulders of the person in front of him. Now they have to race. The winning team is the one who manages to finish the race, without letting go of the person in front of him.

10. Activity

If all of the above mentioned ideas seem to require too much space and effort, choose a board game. Go for Activity, a very fun board game, which combines, drawing, singing, mimicking.