hellboy best comic book movies

Some of the most anticipated movies this year include great action movies that were based on popular comic books. If done by a visionary director, a comic book-based movie can truly be an unforgettable experience. Sadly, there have been numerous cases of failed attempts that were both box-office flops and mocked by movie critics. But we’re not talking about that in this post (although one of our colleagues is working on that as we speak). Today we want to give you la crème de la crème of super heroes and super villains movies. Take a look at our list of great comic books inspired movies:

10. Spider-Man 2

spider man 2 best comic book movies

Made by the cult horror director Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, the second Spider-Man movie was an entertaining visual experience and a blockbuster, grossing more than $350,000,000 at the box office. One of the things we loved about Spider-Man 2 was that it introduced Doctor Octopus as the villain, brilliantly portrayed by Alfred Molina.

9. Batman

batman best comic book movies

One of our favorite superheroes was first brought on the big screen by the talented Tim Burton. Burton is famous for his dark, comical movies and this one was no exception. The great Jack Nicholson delivered an exceptional tour de force portraying the demented super-villain The Joker. The first Batman movie achieved cult status among comic books lovers and it was a success at the box office back in 1989.

8. X-Men 2

x men 2 best comic book movies

We couldn’t have a list about great comic books inspired movies without mentioning at least one of the X-Men franchise. We loved every X-Men movie but we chose this one because we thought was a great sequel. And you know how sequels can destroy a movie. The cast was great, the direction was flawless and the visual effects were outstanding. Long story short, X-Men 2 was a great movie that was also a huge blockbuster, grossing more than $200 million.

7. 300

300 movie best comic book movies

“This is Sparta!” We all remember this famous line from the groundbreaking “300” movie. It was inspired by Frank Miller’s graphic novel and it introduced some pretty awesome use of green screen technology that was highly influential on many movies that followed in this genre. We loved Gerard Butler in it and it seems we were not the only ones, since “300” grossed more than $450 million in theaters worldwide.

6. Amazing Spider-Man

amazing spider man best comic book movies

When we first found out that Hollywood was rebooting the Spider-Man series we had our doubts because usually when they decide to reboot something they completely fail. Fortunately, this was not the case. And the surprising part was that it was a lot better than the other Spider-Man movies. This one had better actors, a better story and top-notch special effects. We really loved what British actor Andrew Garfield did with the role, making it more alive and three dimensional. No offense Tobey.

5. Superman The Movie

superman the movie best comic book movies

What a great movie this is! We still remember seeing it as kids and being fascinated with this guy that had super powers and could actually fly. We know, with the advanced CGI effects available at the moment, the special effects in the first Superman movie don’t stand a chance. But back in its day the effects were pretty innovative. This was the first modern comic book movie adaptation and will forever have a special place in our heart.

4. Hellboy

hellboy best comic book movies

Guillermo Del Torro has given us many films. One of my all time favorite is the dark-fairytale “Il Labirinto Del Fauno.” His great imagination has transformed a comic book inspired movie into a cinematic masterpiece that is Hellboy. Amazing visual effects and a great story make Hellboy one of those great comic book inspired movies that just had to be on this list. Hellboy 2 is also worth seeing if you haven’t yet.

3. Iron Man

iron man best comic book movies

Another example of a comic book inspired movie done great is Iron Man. We just love the arrogant Robert Downey Jr. in it and the fact that director Jon Favreau succeeded in turning a B-list comic book hero into a cinematic sensation. And what a sensation it was! The movies made more than $300 million and received 2 Oscar nominations for Best Sound and Best Visual Effects.

2. The Avengers

the avengers best comic book movies

One of our colleagues is not a fan of great comic book inspired movies like I am, but he confessed to me that he really enjoyed The Avengers. This only confirms that it was an awesome movie that delivered exactly what it promised: a big budget, super action movie with great visual effects.

1. The Dark knight

dark knight best comic book movies

It comes as no surprise that Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies made it on our list because they are some really great comic book inspired movies. Nolan succeeded in taking the super-hero genre to another level, making it smarter and more profound. Plus Heath Ledger gave a legendary role as The Joker.