The little black dress, or ‘LBD’ as it is affectionately known, is a wardrobe staple that most women have as an easy, go-to option when an unexpected party invite or dinner date appears. However, simple LBDs need not be reserved just for the evening. While lacy, sparkly or embellished designs or those in shiny silks and satins may really only have their place at formal events, a basic black slip dress can easily be dressed down to be perfect for more casual wear, for example for a day out shopping, an evening in your local pub, or even for work.

Don’t Have the Right Kind of LBD?

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Little black dress and cardigan Sweaters and Cardigans

A cute way to make your LBD work as spring daywear is to simply slip on a pretty coloured, fluffy    sweater   or cardigan. Light, springtime pastels work really well as they contrast with the blackness of the dress to  give a less dressy, fresher look. Soft textiles or fun, fluffy styles such as mohair or cashmere can look really good, though be warned that your LBD may show fluff from these so you may want to keep a lint roller in your bag! This is a great way to wear cropped sweaters if you don’t want to show your belly, as this also shows you are wearing a dress rather than just a black skirt.


Big scarves can help dress down the LBD and add a splash of colour and design to your look. For spring or summer, a scarf alone will do the trick, but if it is cooler weather then pair this with your favourite denim or leather jacket for a modern, relaxed look that really makes your LBD look like it was designed as daywear!


Whatever you do with the top half of you, with sweaters, jackets or scarves, consider your legs. Plain black or sheer tights still make the dress look formal, so depending on the season, choose leggings, patterned tights, fishnet type styles, or just bare legs to dress down your LBD for the daytime. When it comes to shoes, almost anything you would wear for the day with a casual skirt or dress will work – ankle boots, sandals, ballet shoes or casual heels like wedges will all look good, and with some styles even things like baseball shoes can work. Do avoid sporty trainers though – not just with the LBD but with just about any skirt or dress!

So, next time you want something stylish but relaxed to wear for the day or for a casual evening out, why not get out that black party dress and dress it down!