less known beauty hacks pepto bismol

Ladies, this one is for you! We are all used to the cosmetic and beauty industry delivering us all the possible products and innovations to keep us young and gorgeous, free from problems and always thriving, while the naturist trend gives us a very wide palette of home – made treatments, masks, blends and combinations of natural products we have around the house and we can’t be happier as we have plenty of beauty treatments to choose from. But sometimes we need more than just home – made face moisturizers recipes, just as we need more than the latest anti – wrinkle serum on the market. We need some tips, tricks and hacks to make our lives easier, to act perfectly in crisis situations, to be at hand, to be original and to be easy to use, with immediate effects. Maybe we do need miracles, but today we will see 10 less known beauty hacks and some DIY trick we should all benefit from and take advantage of more.

1. Put that mayo in your hair, not your sandwich

less known beauty hacks mayonnaise

For a lot of women, mayonnaise is the enemy, but we can turn it into a reliable friend when we need a deep hair conditioner that indeed works. Egg – based hair masks are not a new thing for home – made cosmetic treatments fans, but in case you don’t have the time or the mood to prepare such elaborate mask, take the mayo out of the fridge and give your hair a 20 minutes treatment. You can enhance the mayo’s nutrients effect on your hair by using your hair dryer or by wrapping your head in your shower cap and some plastic foil.

2. Make a face mask with aspirin

less known beauty hacks aspirin

Aspirin has anti – inflammatory properties, astringent and healing features as well, so if it works on the inside, it will work on the outside too. Crush down some aspirin tablets and add some drops of water to make a paste. Apply it to your face for 10 – 15 minutes and clean with warm water. Aspirin will also do wonders to those zits and pimples you might experience, at is a great antiseptic and will visibly reduce their presence and negative effects.

3. Make a face mask with Pepto Bismol

less known beauty hacks pepto bismol

This medicine is used generally to fight oils and acid down inside your gastric system, so it will fight oils and acids on your face too. Just as in the case of aspirin, blend Pepto Bismol with some water to make a paste, apply on your face, leave it there for 10 – 15 minutes and rinse with water. Your face will glow and not because it’s greasy anymore.

4. Make those puffy bags under your eyes disappear with potato slices

less known beauty hacks potatoes

Among the less known beauty hacks, this is probably the best known, but it is so popular among women, we had to list it here, because it truly works. If those puffy eyes of yours are bothering you, slice a raw potato and apply the slices under your eyes, keeping them there for 10 – 15 minutes. Raw potatoes reduce inflammation and they are still a reputable folk – treatment for lowering fever too, so give them a chance with puffy eyes too.

5. Give your lips some volume without lip gloss

less known beauty hacks chilli powder

Now this one is a bit painful and it is hard to believe women actually end up in situations when they don’t have some lip gloss or some lipstick at hand to complete their make up and give their lips a natural color and a fascinating volume. However, if this happens, you should know that you can mix a bit of chilli hot powder with a tea spoon of oil and apply it to your lips. Keep it there for two minutes and WOW!, naturally red, gorgeous lips. But do this only if you can stand the hotness and the burn.

6. Give volume to your hair with salt

less known beauty hacks salt

Your ordinary table salt can turn into one great beauty hack if you pour some in your shampoo every time you wash your hair. The salt will turn it clean, shining and full of volume.

7. Prevent nail polish bubbles to occur in the bottle or on your nails

less known beauty hacks nail polish

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to paint your nails and the polish seems to have dried with bubbles in it or to make bubbles on your nails? Manicure specialists say this happens because you kept the nail polish bottle in a very warm place. In order to make it work as it is supposed to, place the nail polish bottle in the fridge some 20 – 30 minutes before doing your nails or store it in the fridge altogether for smooth and unsurprising results.

8. Dry your nails faster than lightning

less known beauty hacks nail dry

All the ladies know the drill: the minute you finished your home – made manicure, you just have to do something with your hands that will probably ruin the nail polish or you have to be in some place and you just don’t have the time to let the polish dry. Some women dry their nail polish with their hair dryers, but it takes some time and there can still be accidents afterwards. Some experts advise us to submerge our beautiful nails in cold water for 3 – 5 minutes and be amazed to see that our nails come out completely dry!

9. Rub your cellulite with coffee grounds

less known beauty hacks coffee grounds

There are some grandmas out there who have been doing this for ages and probably were laughed at and showed professional anti – cellulite screams, scrubs and shower gels. But the grandmas were on to something and now, modern supporters of DIY and home made beauty hacks recommend us to go to the shower in the morning together with our coffee grounds and rub the problematic skin areas in order to stimulate blood circulation and skin – level metabolic processes in order to get rid of the cellulite.

10. Make your own face toner in case you run out

less known beauty hacks green tea

Women use face toners according to their skin type and needs, but just in case you run out of your expensive, professional face toner and you need something a quarter of a price and with almost the same results, always trust in green tea, lemon and mint. Add some drops of lemon juice to a green tea brew, throw in some fresh mint and store it in the fridge for the night. The next day you can use it with confidence, as the blend is one of the best and most recommended natural home – made cosmetics you will hear about.

We hope you enjoyed these less known beauty hacks and tricks, and if you have some of your own and are pleased with the results, please let us know!