long-distance relationship tips

Studies have shown that most long-distance relationships where partners do not set some rules at first, end in the first 6 months of the appearance of distance between partners. If you want to avoid this unpleasant situation, use these ten tips to keep alive a long-distance relationship.

1. Communicate daily using several methods

From phone calls, to text messages, Skype and WhatsApp, today’s technological developments offer a variety of means of communication. Combine them all and keep in touch with your loved one all the time.

2. Establishes a program for spending time “together”

Beyond written communication and video calls, you can create some other special moments with your partner. You can set a time of the day where the two of you spend time together. Whether it is having dinner in front of the computer and talking about your day or seeing a movie at the same time, there are a lot of ways for the two of you to spend time together without having to physically be together. Just make sure you stick with this routine as if you would if you had date night.

3. Create rituals

This is very close connected with the number two on our list. Creating rituals is an essential part when dealing with a long-distance relationship. Choose an activity that is self-implied and you don’t need to confirm it in advance. It could be the date night we previously talked about or sending a text message before you go to bed. As long as it is a ritual, you are set.

4. Try to create a balance in compromise

If only one partner shows his willingness to strive and fight for the relationship, then a breakup is very close. For some couples, the situation where only one partner is traveling to be with the other one runs smoothly. In most cases, however, relationships require a balance in compromising, from trips to other situations that may require a choice.

5. Sets visits

Planning visits is beneficial because it helps to create a horizon of expectation, useful in times when you feel alone and abandoned. If both partners cannot say for sure when they will be available for a short trip, the future of the relationship doesn’t seem too bright.

6. Trust your partner

A big obstacle in the success of a long-distance relationships is how jealousy and unfounded speculations begin to create a wall. Keep your trust in your partner and don’t give evidence of jealousy. An overreaction when expecting an answer or a late message can affect the foundation of your relationship.

7. Avoid quarrels

When you have your partner with you, arguments may end with a simple gesture, a kiss. When distance separates you from your partner, any argument becomes intractable. Try to avoid such disputes because when negative feelings come together and have no place to go through, they make the separation become closer.

8. Enjoy freedom

Don’t just sit around on the couch, sad, thinking your partner is not with you. Instead, go out with friends, see a movie, have dinner in a nice restaurant and simply enjoy a period when you have some more time to yourself.

9. Cute surprises

Remember how you used to wake him up with the smell of a fresh breakfast? Well, you can’t do that now, but you can surprise him in other ways, like sending him a love letter or a nice gift.

10. Be honest

If the situation is affecting you, don’t keep it to yourself. Try to communicate and tell your partner what is on your mind. The longer you postpone to tell him, the harder will things get.

Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship?