half car from divorce

I know, no one thinks they will get divorce, at least not in the beginning of marriage. It often happens that the relationship does not evolve in the right direction and feelings, no matter how big they were at first, fade over time if not cared for. Nearly half of married couples in recent years have come to divorce, their number growing in an alarming rate and it is easier today to get a divorce that talk out your problems. So, here are the most common reasons for getting a divorce.

1. Monotony

Sometimes the partners are bored with each other. Sometimes they have unrealistic expectations regarding a relationship, and when things get dull, they lose interest and decide to break up and stop trying. Boredom in marriage occurs when two people stay together for a long time – days or years – and constantly becoming distant due to lack of dynamism in the relationship.

2. Lack of commitment

At the beginning of a marriage, nobody thinks that lack of devotion and dedication will break up a couple. Unfortunately, most of the marriages end because of this. Even if at the beginning of a relationship this commitment is there and probably otherwise would not get to marriage, over time husbands lose interest also to act for their relationship. They succumbs to routine and habit and finally, get completely alienated.

3. Intimacy

Often sexual compatibility of the partners is another issue that leads to separation. Low sexual satisfaction, either husband or wife, can lead to mutual accusations. Lack of intimacy is a very common reason for getting a divorce.

4. Too many arguments and different opinions

This is probably the most serious reason that can lead to divorce: lack of a common view, moral and intellectual values that lay the foundation for a solid relationship. Quarrels and differences of opinion often occur when the two partners are incompatible and never manage to be on the same page. In this trap end couples who married too soon, before really analyzing their relationship from all points of view.

5. Infidelity

Not the most common reason for divorce, but definitely the most painful. It can occur as a result of the above mentioned reasons or the cheating partner is in search for validation from other people. Whether it is for one reason or another, infidelity is responsible for many broken hearts and broken marriages since ancient times.

6. Marring young

For various reasons, many opt for marriage at the age college, as a way of trying to escape from parents or to declare their maturity ahead of time, either due to religious rules. Whatever the reason, couples who end up marrying young come to end after only a few years, as a consequence of the two becoming really mature.

7. Money

Married couples often argue about this matter. Although perhaps not always the most serious, there is always the chance that a couple will separate when it comes to lack of money.

8. Unrealistic expectations

You get married in the idea that everything will be perfect from that point on, and that the life of a married woman is a dream. This is an example of unrealistic expectations that can damage on the long term. Life is never as easy as in love novels and certainly one must not expect only joy and happiness.

9. Abuse

Abuse remains a reality that we overlook in the 21st century. Whether we blame it on education or lack of it, on account of religious customs or traditions, abuse is a practices that goes back to many centuries. Unfortunately, most women are afraid to end an abusive marriage.

10. Children

Things between husbands and wives take a nasty turn when it comes to raising and educating children. Each of the partners believe that the decisions he/she makes are the best. Another issue that causes misunderstandings in a marriage is the division of responsibilities when it comes to raising the little ones. And some parents are more involved than other.