crow most intelligent animals

We’ve talked about some of the weirdest animals on the planet in a previous post. Animals that you probably don’t want to have as pets because some of them are downright scary. But we love animals. And one of the main reasons for loving them is because they amaze us with their intelligence. It’s true, some animals are smarter than others but that’s the same for humans. When one thinks about smart animals one immediately thinks about our favorite pets: cats and dogs. Today we want to talk about some of the most intelligent animals in the world and what makes them smarter than other animals.

10. Raccoons

raccoon most intelligent animals

These cute little animals have their own communities and societies. Just like humans, the relationships within those communities are very complicated. Raccoons also have dexterous hands and thumbs which they use to hold tools and solve problems. They are very brave animals and always in control. Raccoons are known to be very loyal family members and fiercely protect the ones they love.

9. Squirrels

squirrel most intelligent animals

Who would have guessed that these little rodents would make it on our list of 10 most intelligent animals in the world. Squirrels have the capacity of adapting to any new surroundings. They also learn from their mistakes which makes it very hard for them to get caught because they can actually learn the smell of the traps and the locations. Squirrels are cunning and very determined little creatures.

8. Rats

rat most intelligent animals

The reason for many people’s phobia, the rat may be disgusting and frightening to some but they have quite a lot in common with us humans. First of all, they possess what is known as metacognition which is an ability that humans and some primates have. They have sharp senses that can detect bombs, landmines and the bacteria that cause tuberculosis. Rats are also capable of emotions like remorse, excitement or stress.

7. Pigs

pig most intelligent animals

Despite what many people think, pigs are actually very intelligent animals with complex social lives. Pigs are very sneaky when it comes to getting their food. For example, they will follow other pigs and steal their food from right under their noses. The pig that was the victim then learns from this experience and changes its behavior so that it will be more prepared when other pigs try to steal the food.

6. African Gray Parrot

african gray parrot most intelligent animals

We all know the parrot’s ability to imitate words, sometimes annoying us. But the African gray parrot is actually one of the smartest parrots. Scientists say that this intelligent, sociable and kind bird has the intelligence of a five year old kid. The African gray parrot can identify up to 50 objects, recognize shapes and colors. The amazing thing about this particular parrot species is that they don’t just imitate words, they also know when to use them properly, depending on the situation.

5. Crows

crow most intelligent animals

Crows have always been associated with dark and gloomy things since the beginning of time. But crows are actually one of the smartest birds on earth. Crows are very creative, have a high IQ and they can count. They can distinguish different shapes and can learn by observation. Crows have been observed throwing shells and nuts on the road so that cars run them down, cracking them open, so then the crows may go and eat the content of the nuts. They use things like wires and branches to get prey out of its hiding place.

4. Most Intelligent Animals In The World –  Elephants

elephant most intelligent animals

Some of the most intelligent animals in the world are the elephants. They have very large brains compared to the size of their bodies. They are altruistic animals and they can sacrifice themselves for the benefits of the rest of their herd. Elephants also bury their dead, which makes them the only animals that do that, besides humans. They know what medicinal herbs and plants are good for them and will eat specific leaves depending on their sickness. The elephant is also one of the few animals that can recognize its reflection in the mirror.

3. Chimpanzee

chimpanzee most intelligent animals

Chimpanzees share the same DNA with us humans so it’s no surprise that they are some of the most intelligent animals on earth. They also have the best memory in the animal kingdom, they know how to use tools and they can communicate with people using sign language.

2. Bottlenose Dolphin

bottlenose dolphin most intelligent animals

Did you know that these dolphins can watch television because they can process visual and acoustic information at the same time? They recognize themselves in the mirror and studies have shown that they understand the notion of “I don’t know” and choose it as an option during difficult tests. We always knew Flipper was smart.

1. Orangutans

orangutan most intelligent animals

The most intelligent animals in the world are the orangutans. They can be taught to use tools not by routine training like other animals but by actually understanding what to do with the tools and why use it, when the situations requires.