When it comes to accessories, men have always had a thing for watches, much like women have a thing for shoes and jewelry. But there’s something else about men and watches: for most males, timepieces are more than just a way of telling time. They’re symbols of power, status, and even character. Watches speak volumes about class, style, and attitude. And, yes, even in the day and age of countless cool gadgets that tell time and help us organize our lives, watches are still relevant. We may have cell phones, tablets, apps, smartwatches, and loads more devices to make our lives easier and faster – yet, some men still choose to proudly wear their watches.

Of course, where there’s demand, there’s also supply. Every year, designers and brands come up with increasingly spectacular watches. So, if you ever want to find a good gift for the kind of man who “has everything”, a luxury watch might just be your best choice. Today we take a look at the 10 most popular watch brands for men – a list which doesn’t simply include premium and luxury brands, but some mainstream popular favorites, too. Which one’s your pick?

1. Tissot


For the past 200 years, Tissot has been making luxury watches. The Swiss brand never misses any opportunity to invest their legendary precision into modern designs. Their watch models can satisfy even the most pretentious of customers. But, while Tissot is a luxury brand, the kind of top quality the brand offers is still affordable enough to amassed legions of faithful customers from all over the world.

2. Fossil


As the popular adage goes, if you haven’t heard of this American watchmaker, you must’ve been living under a rock for the past several decades. It’s one of the most popular brands of men’s watches in the world! The company also produces ladies’ watches, along with clothes and accessories. Each Fossil watch model ever made has had something special about it, be it their distinct look, their precision, durability, and/or elegance. No matter your style preference,  Fossil, the all-American watch brand, never disappoints.

3. Aviator


Believe it or not, one of the most interesting brands of men’s watches is Russian and its history dates back to 1927. That was the year when the Russian government decided to build high quality watches for their military forces. That’s how the Aviator timepieces emerged. Today, the ‘descendants’ of those first Aviators work and look even better than ever! Don’t take our word for it, ask Leo diCaprio (pictured above)!

4. Harry Winston

Harry Winston

Namedrop Harry Winston in the watchmaking industry and you’ll instantly prompt associations with high-tech Swiss precision, but also with a particular flavor of Geneva-based creativity and design. The Harry Winston mix defines a high-end, premium watch label. Indeed, Harry Winston watches are not cheap, but the price is well worth it, for these watches are said to be immortal. Dedicated to connoisseurs, you won’t find these watches at your local shopping mall. However, if you’re looking to invest into a timepiece to last you a lifetime and even pass on as heritage, this is the brand for you – just look at the media fuss the release of each new model causes.

5. Cartier


When you say ‘Cartier’, most people think of ladies’ jewelry and luxury accessories. However, as any timepiece afficionado will tell you, the brand has long since stood as a leader and pioneer of the European watchmaking industry. Cartier men’s watches always come with distinct designs, somewhere in between precious jewelry and highly accurate accessories for telling time. They’re often a choice of the rich and famous, which, given their hefty price tags, comes as no surprise.

6. Rolex


Ever seen a ‘Rollex’ or ‘Roiex’? As with any other commercial brand, you can gauge its success by the degree to which its product spawn knock-offs. This is certainly the case with the Rolex brand. It largely owes its popularity to having been promoted by the entertainment industry. Today, Rolex is widely considered the premium men’s watch brand. In spite of its long-standing track record as a market leader, the Swiss company remains dedicated to satisfying the standards of men with class, panache, and a certain level of financial means.

7. TAG Heuer

tag heuer

“Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860” is this brand’s slogan. It’s important to note that the target audience, design, and concept of the TAG Heuer brand differ from those promoted by Rolex and Cartier. All TAG Heuer watches exude a certain type of masculinity, a strong personality, and a winner’s attitude. After all, it’s most closely associated with Formula 1 competitions, the elegant European kingdom of Monaco, Grand Carrera, etc.. If that doesn’t spell ‘power and elegance’, we don’t know what does. TAG Heuer is the prime example of a sports watch brand, which never skimps on style and class.

8. Romain Gauthier

romain gauthier

Never heard of Roman Gauthier watches for men? Then you probably don’t follow the watchmaking award circuit. As far as the niche of high end, premium luxury watchmaking goes, there are few international awards that the Romain Gauthier brand hasn’t won. In 2013, the Logical One model won the Men’s Complications Watch Prize at the Grand Prix D’ Horlogerie de Geneve event – a sort of Oscars for watches. Gauthier brings together Swiss traditional watchmaking, high-precision micro-engineering and contemporary, daring designs, and manages to deliver truly incredible timepieces for men everywhere (or at least for those who can afford them).

9. Omega


Omega has a license to kill, when it comes to style and popularity. Even James Bond has a history with Omega watches and several movies in the ever-popular franchise feature double-oh-seven sporting an Omega. To boot, this is a brand that has made history in more ways than one: the first watch to ever land on the Moon was an Omega. The Swiss brand garnered its indisputable popularity during WWI, when both British and American troops made the Omega watch part of their uniforms.

10. Vianney Halter

vianney halter

Vianney Halter may not be the most popular name in watchmaking, but that’s kind of the point of this brand. The designer’s latest masterpiece saw the light of day 6-7 years ago, but that doesn’t make Halter watches any less revered. They are truly unique, high-end timepieces and their maker is affectionately called “The King of Steampunk”. Halter is the kind of designer who takes his sweet time in between designing and releasing new creations, yet each time he puts out a new model, the whole world of watchmaking is left speechless. His latest is called the Deep Space Tourbillon.  Released in 2013, it won the Innovation Prize at the Grand Prix D’ Horlogerie de Geneve. Specialists described this watch as a “kinetic sculpture” and dozens of articles were dedicated to its creator and his talent.

This list of men’s watches is a mixture of premium, luxury, and affordable brands. Most of these labels are known the world over, while their individual designers are often referred to as artists and geniuses, due to the quality of their work. Do you wear any of these brands? Got any others to recommend? Don’t hesitate to let us know!