Bowl with stones and crystals

Stones and crystals are known from ancient times as having strong and beneficial energies for man. They were used by feng shui specialists to improve the quality of a space. Here are the best ten stones and crystals in feng shui.

Bowl with stones and crystals

1. Transparent Quartz

Transparent quartz is a pure crystal, which has the ability to clean the energy around it. It brings harmony in the family house. You can place it anywhere and you can try it in many variations, but be careful not to place it too close to the bed. You can also wear it as jewelry and amulet.

2. Pink Quartz

Pink quartz is one of the most popular crystals with healing properties. It attracts love and is used to heal wounds of the soul and disappointment, after unhappy love experiences. Quartz carries the universal energy of love, attracts love and heals painful memories. You can put in the middle of the house and in the bedroom or nursery. You can wear pink quartz as a form of jewelry or amulet.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst is unique and can be used anywhere, in the office, at home, in the garden or in the car. It has the ability to cleanse and purify a space of negative energies and vibrations, emits strong energy and transforms a space into a welcoming one. Amethyst helps calming, soothing, in the case of strong negative emotions. Amethyst strengthens the immune system and helps heal imbalances in the airways and skin.

4. Jade

This is a very popular option when it comes to feng shui remedies. Jade is a stone that purifies energies, protects and helps the energy of love. Jade’s message is “Love yourself and accept yourself as you are”. Jade brings harmony and balance and it can be placed anywhere, except in the northern and southern areas of a room.

For example, you can put a mandarin jade duck for love energy in the southwest, or jade pi yao for prosperity in the southeast. A jade Buddha can be an excellent decor item and feng shui remedy for wisdom.

5. Citrine

Citrine is a controversial crystal, and that’s because it can be fake. Specifically, fake citrine is actually a heat-treated amethyst which loses color. Citrine is really hard to find. Its color is pale yellow. If the citrine you want to buy has a dark color, to yellow-orange, then it would be better not to buy it because it is a fake.

Citrine contains solar energy, considered healing for the third chakra (solar plexus). It helps improve mood and self-image. The stone is associated with the energy of money, as it is known as the stone of traders. It is considered a stone of prosperity. Citrine can be located in the southeast of the house.

6. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz provides protection and balance. As with citrine, you can easily counterfeit smoky quartz. Original smoky quartz is bright and clear, even in the darkest corners. Smoky quartz has healing powers, bringing clarity and awakens the spirit. Keep it near the door to protect the entire house. You can put it in the baby’s room, near the window. Also, you can benefit from its energies whether you place it in the northwest or northeast of the house.

7. Ammonite

Ammonite is a very strong stone in feng shui. It is actually a fossil at least 100 million years old. Ammonite is an excellent source of stability and protection. You can place it in the southwest, northwest, west, northeast, east, southeast and even the center of a room.

8. Eye of the Tiger

This is a stone of protection, which also gives balance and clears thinking, bringing calm and soothing mood. Eye of the tiger brings light in complex situations, protects against harm, helps concentration, attract good luck, brings clarity of thought. Keep eye of the tiger at the entrance of the house or near a large window or in the west and northwest.

9. Pyrite

Pyrite, or fool’s gold, is a stone of wealth and abundance, very suitable for homes and offices. It brings positive energy, optimism, joy. Pyrite is a protective stone that sends away negative energies and promotes joy, wellbeing. You can keep pyrite in areas that require a bit of energy. For wealth and prosperity, the best place for pyrite is the southeast of the house or office. For energy, place pyrite closer to the front door.

10. Hematite

People think hematite is a crystal, but it is a mineral (iron oxide). Its fame comes as a folk remedy for diseases of the blood. Its name in Greek means blood. Even if it is black, apparently if you break it, you will see that its middle is the color of blood. Hematite has a strong enough energy to hold it in your hand to feel the effects of painkillers.

It develops concentration and provides clarity in thinking. In feng shui, hematite energizes and protects. You can place in the north to boost your career or in the west to promote creativity. For protection, you can place it as close as possible to the entrance of the house.

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