Instagram photos are downright spectacular and celebrities take full advantage of their personal pages to share with their fans unique moments they spend at work or with their loved ones. And there are so many celebrities on Instagram you could follow, but we chose ten of them which are interesting and exciting.

1. Clarence House

Clarence House is the official Instagram page of the British Royal Family, the page that represents Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and the latest addition to the family, Prince George. On this account were published the first official photos of the royal baby, which became the maximum attraction point in the online. This feed will keep you updated with information about the royal family, you will see a lot of William and Kate photos, and updates regarding little Prince George.

2. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima joined the Instagram network in February and since then he has been keeping her fans updated with unpublished photos from backstage events, in the most unusual situations. The star is not afraid to post pictures while she is working out in the gym, sweaty and without makeup, to demonstrate that her body is not perfect due to good genes, but rather sustained exercises and a balanced lifestyle. The supermodel practices hardcore sports, including boxing, which very frequently leave quite painful marks on her perfect body. Needless to say fans find it refreshing to see that Adriana Lima is a regular person, just like the rest of us (but with an amazing body).

3. Beyoncé

Beyonce is a big fan of Instagram and she used the social network to keep her fans up to date with all the activities she carries out. The star’s fans can enter through her account in her backstage room, can comment on her latest exotic holiday and enjoy beautiful photos captured by the singer herself. Let’s just say that Instragram makes Beyonce a lot more reachable for her fans.

4. Victoria Beckham

Those who follow Victoria Beckham are already big fans of her puppy which often appears in the photos she posts. In addition, Victoria shares images during the preparation of her new collections and posts a lot of funny pictures with her in the lead role.

5. Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bündchen is a very active presence on Instagram. The highest paid supermodel in the world takes advantage of her Instagram page to promote certain humanitarian campaigns, but also to post images while she’s having fun with her children or while doing yoga outdoors.

6. Miranda Kerr

It is a real pleasure to watch the Instagram profile of Miranda Kerr, who keeps her fans updated during photo shoots. Let’s not forget that Miranda is a mom, so she also posts picture of her little boy with Orlando Bloom, Flynn. That is one good looking kid.

7. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s favorite activity on Instagram is to post personal pictures with her, her husband and her girls, Honor and Haven. If you want to stay in touch with what is happening in the life of the actress there is enough information on her Instagram account.

8. Rihanna

There is not a single body part of Rihanna which her fans haven’t seen on her social network account. Each times she posts something, the star shows that shyness is not a part of her personality. Needless to say her photos don’t involve very many clothes .

9. Rosie Huntington -Whiteley

Many animals, nature and instant photos. This is the way fans would describe the Instagram page of Rosie Huntington -Whiteley. Oh, and let’s not forget the latest sexy photos of the fashion model.

10. Michelle Obama

Very unusual for a woman in her position, but the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama has an Instagram account. She surprises her fans by posting special images including some with her and her husband, Barack Obama in his youth, or their new pet, Sunny.

Are there any other famous personalities that you follow on Instagram? And what exactly do you like about the network. Make sure you share your thoughts with our readers by leaving a comment below.