Throwing a successful party can get you remembered for a very long time. Whether it’s for your kids’ birthday or it’s your usual summer cocktail party, it has to be perfect. No one likes a boring or a plain party. Just food and drinks will not assure the success of a party. You need to be original, you need to be surprising, from the food and drinks that you serve, to the pretty napkins on the table. A special lighting will always put a spark into a party. Here are 10 awesome outdoor party ideas.

10. Decorations Are the Key to a Successful Party


That’s right, in order to have a perfect party you need to decorate a little so that your backyard won’t look like your backyard anymore. Some of the best outdoor party ideas include decorations. It doesn’t have to be expensive or too elaborate. Colorful paper medallions will add a special touch to your party and they are easy to make. All you need is colored paper and some imagination. You can hang them above the tables and your guests will love them.

9. Frozen Popsicle Treats


There’s no party without treats, right? It’s time to forget about unhealthy chips and cokes and make your guests something really special. These frozen popcicle treats are easy to make, healthy and taste divine. They’re also appropriate for any kind of parties: dinner parties, Halloween parties, bachelor parties or engagement parties. There are thousands of popsicle recipes on the web and you can combine them any way you want.

8. Awesome Outdoor Party Ideas – Barbecue With a Twist

party bottle

Whether it’s barbecue or bbq, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that your party must be a success. If you want your guests to remember you, “dress up” you party bottles (water bottles, pickles jars, soda bottles) with some patterned paper and secure it with double sided tape. You can use old gift wrapping paper or unused wallpaper. Make sure the chromatic matches your theme.

7. Games Will Make Awesome Outdoor Party Ideas

party games

Not only your teenagers guests will love to play games at your party but also their adults. There are plenty of outdoor party games and you can choose one or two. Divide into pairs and have a great time. You can play Frisbees, badminton or croquet. It depends on how big the outdoor party setting is.

6. Awesome Outdoor Party Ideas – Lighting

party lights

If your party turns out to be a success it will last until night time. That’s why you need to be prepared with some special lights. And by special we don’t need expensive. It’s time to bring out the Christmas light from the attic and light up your party. The effect is wonderful. The outdoors parties lit with Christmas lights are always a hit.

5. Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

party pillows

Your guests will tire easily from all that dancing and great time. You need to make sure they will sit down on something soft and pampering. These patterned pillows will look great in your backyard. You can make the pillow covers yourself from old cloth like old t-shirts.

4. Choose the Theme of the Party

party theme

You can’t have a successful party without a theme. Actually you can, but a theme party is more exciting. You can arrange the whole setting accordingly and there are countless themes you can choose from. Whether you choose a 70’s glam theme or a Hawaiian theme, you can never go wrong. You can search on Pinterest for great outdoor party ideas and themes.

3. Frozen Water Balloons

water balloons

If you’re tired of the old boring ice cubes for keeping your drinks cold try the frozen water balloons idea. Fill some colorful balloons with water and put them in the freezer. Arrange them in bowls and put the drinks in. The balloons will definitely give your party a twist.

2. Outdoor Winter Party

winter-party outdoors

Although the outdoor winter parties are not that common they can be a lot of fun. Make sure you wear warm clothes and the food is always warm. The snow games will please everyone.

1. Make the Outdoor Tent Really Cool

party tent

If you want to give the old tent a new look, drape in colorful fabrics. It will look exotic and fun. You can put all the drinks and food there and it will keep your guests protected from the sun.

We hope you enjoyed our outdoor party ideas and next time you throw a party you will draw inspiration from our list. If you do, the party will be a success. Guaranteed!